HohoDreads 4cm Wicks Locs

Material: 100% Human Hair

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What Are Wicks Locs Extensions?

Wicks Locs, also called Super jumbo locs, florida wicks are a larger and more prominent variant of traditional dreadlocks or locs. These locs are intentionally created to be thicker and chunkier in size, making a bold and distinctive hairstyle statement. The process of forming super jumbo locs is similar to that of regular locs, where hair strands are allowed to naturally mesh and intertwine over time to create the characteristic rope-like appearance.


Product Images for Wicks Locs:

wicks hairstyle

wick hairstyle


wicks hairstyles

kodak wicks


What Colors That Wicks Locs Extensions Can Do?

Wicks Locs Extensions now can be any single colors, mix colors and ombre colors, such as natural black, dark/jet black, brown, blonde, grey, red, blue, purple, barbie pink, salt and pepper and so on….

HOHODREADS color ring with 19 colors of locs 202304


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