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HohoDreads Drop-shipping program

HohoDreads drop-shipping program

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When you are just starting up, you are kind of short on cash.

You have enough money for maybe business cards and logos but you don’t have enough money to get a whole bunch of stock because there are too many sizes, colors, types in hair extensions.

What matters the most is you might not get a sale and you don’t want to put yourself in such a stressful situation. However, if you are still eager for this million-dollar industry, hohodreads drop-shipping program is great for you.

What is Drop-shipping and why it's great for you?

Drop-shipping is a resource for you guys if you want to start a hair company without inventory or even no money. How it works is you start your company under your company name. You can make your own logo; make your own website. Then, what happens is we go ahead and ship the items out to your customer.

(Click this article to know “How to start a new hair brand?”)

You don’t have to keep any inventory. You don’t have to ship the order. You don’t have to do any of that annoying stuff except getting the profit. It is just awesome because the hardest part for a startup is to keep up with inventory and you need a lot of money to sustain a business, which is an astronomical.

What we do is we provide various items, various stocks such as loc extensions and afro kinky human hair bulk in different sizes and colors.

You can sell all of that under your company name when you select certain products that you want to sell and we send it to your customers. You don’t have to buy bolts of inventory any more. Whenever your customer purchases from you, whether it be one pack, whether it be 100 packs, you simply come to our site to purchase and we will ship it out.

With HohoDreads dropship program, you are going to sell hair under your company name. So you are not selling for HohoDreads. You are selling for your own company, your own business!

For example:

So let’s say you found 1 pack of loc extensions on a hohodreads’ drop-shipping website for $70, you would then listed on your own website for $100 dollars, and when the order comes through your website, you receive $100 and then you place your order on hohodreads drop-shipping website for $70, then remark your customers’ shipping information to us and keeping the $30 profit for yourself. HohoDreads will ship the product directly to your customer. That’s it.

Drop-shipping model

I know what you’re thinking, why wouldn’t somebody just order them directly from us?

Well, there’s a couple of reasons.

First we don’t sell to personal buyer in this website, anyone has to register and fill in the information to show themselves as business using clients. We will not ship the hair to them if they are not for business using.

Second, it’s a very big internet and customers may not know about the supplier to buy from them directly.

Third, when people buying things they’re not just buying into products, they’re buying into the marketing, positioning, trust, culture, brand and lifestyle those products represent. With dropshipping, you can focus on marketing your products and saying the right things at the right time and on providing real value to the right people because you’re not warehousing any inventory, or dealing with most of the other challenges that come with running an e commerce business.

How to drop-shipping with us if you already have your own store.(Super easy)

Step 1: Go to our drop-shipping  website — hohodropship.com, register with your real business information.

Step 2: Look through our products and create the same in your store. (We can provide you with pictures and videos)

Step 3: Order and remark your customers’ shipping information to us when you get orders.

Step 4: That’s it. We will ship the products to your customers. And you get your profits.

Here’s a very important thing, whether you are in loc extensions market or not, no matter if you are selling hair bundles, hair toppers, hair weft and so on, even if you are not selling hair extensions in your store, you can add these products into your store and you don’t need to spend any money or stock for it. And it’s a great opportunity to expand your business and a new market.

How to drop-shipping with us if you are new.

Step 1: Create your own instagram/Facebook shop for free, also you can start a free 14-day trial on shopify (You will not be charged until the 15 day)

(Click to see  “how to choose your own E-commerce store?”)—Article Coming soon

Step 2: Create the same products we post on our shopify website.

Step 3: Enable a payment gateway so you can start accepting money. Shopify payments is a great default option if you’re in one of the supported countries.

You are able to enable a few other gateways like paypal, apple pay, amazon payments or any of the 100+ payment gateways that shopify was integrated with.

Step 4: Decorate your store. Once you have payment gateways, you’ll need to create a plan for sending traffic to your store. Try to produce quality content for your store. From eye-catching photography to engaging product video to great post for your blog, your audience loves to know more about your products and how they can be used, and the story behind them. Actually what you have done is a great process of SEO.

(Click the article to know “why and how to optimize your website’s basic SEO?”)—Article Coming soon

Step 5: Marketing. When your store is satisfying in appearance, you will need to do some marketing works to bring traffic to your store such as making good use of your social media.

(Detaily pls click this article “How to make good use of your social media for sending more traffic to your store?”)—Article Coming soon

Also, if you have enough budget, do some google ads and facebook ads for your website can help you get through “the sandbox peiod” quicker (which is the period that Google inspects your website if it’s a sc—Article Coming soonam, and you may not get any google searching traffic during the sandbox period, normally it will take more than 2 months. Do some ads will help you get through this quicker

(know more by clicking this article “What is sandbox period and what is the influence to our website?”)—Article Coming soon

Look through HohoDreads drop-shipping website.

HohoDreads drop-shipping website is built only for the clients want to do the drop shipping service.

Here’s the steps:

1.Pls register with your real business information, and we will have customer service to contact you.(We will only use it to name you and contact you)

2.Collect our Drop-shipping website into your Browser favorites or remember our website link: hohodropship.com so that you can quicker open our website to order everytime.

3. Post the same products we post in your store.

4.When your clients order from your store, you make the same order to us.

5.Remark the real and true shipping information of your clients. And we will ship for you.

Now that we’ve covered all the things you need to get started.

Here are a few additional things to keep in mind.

First, drop shipping isn’t free. You’ll likely have to spend money to drive traffic, market your products, and handle returns.

Two, there is no overnight success and this is not a get rich quick scheme. Drop shipping still requires you to work consistently for your store. True, you will need to dedicate less time compared to a traditionally commerce business, but it’s not going to succeed without your hard work. you will always need to invest time improving your business.

If you are interested in joining our drop-shipping program, pls contact us below, if you are not quite understanding what this article means, don’t worry, we will have customer service who will provide you with the most patient service.

Of course there are deeper usage of shopify, we will show you after you have successfully created your first store! Just contact us, we will do this together!

Frequently ask questions (FAQ)

1.Can I make a sample order first?

Yes, it’s smart to make a sample order to test the quality first before you put the products into your store and ship to your customers. (Bleaching, washing, dyeing test are very good ideas).

Pls click here to buy samples.

2.Where do my drop-shipping orders ship from?

There are two ways.

1.CA and NJ warehouses. We have two warehouses in western and eastern USA, so we can ship from there for some sizes. They are all free shipping, no tax, and free eyelashes given as a gift. And will be directly sent to your customers by FedEx or USPS. Pls click to check this product.

2.China. If you need more sizes, colors and a large quantity, we will ship from China by 3-4 days DHL/FedEx air express to your customers.

Reminder: You will need to pay for the shipping.

And your customers may need to pay for the taxes mostly when the amount of shipping invoice is more than $200 (We will see if we can decrease the amount lower than $200 (Normally it can be) to avoid the taxes. If we can’t, we will inform you in advanced so that you can refund the tax fee to your clients before he becomes upset.).

Above all, actually after the calculation, Ship from China can make you more profits.

3.Do you have level system for your drop-shipping program?

HohoDreads apply for a level system from D1-D5, all members are D1 when you first register.

D2-D5 have different discounts, rights and Benefits. 

Our sweet customer service will tell eveything about it to you!

4.Do you have wholesale price?

Yes, we have wholesale price for our clients. Pls contact us to know more.

5.Can you help me to make my logo onto the packaging?

Yes. Not only can us make your logo onto the product packaging, but also we can manufature in a large quantity your packaging and ship to your clients. When you get a higher level, we can help you rent and store your products with logos in USA warehouse.

6.Can you help me build the website?

Yes, pls contact us, we can help you with that.

If you have more questions pls contact us, we will provide you with the most satisfying reply.

7.What is your return policy?

Any serious quality problems can be returned/replaced within 7 days.

Pls contact your own customer service for it, she will well handle it with you.



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