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Everything you need to know about Loctician.

A loctician is someone who SPECIALIZES in the starting, maintaining, caring, and styling of locs (dreadlocks). But not all the people who does your hair into dreadlocks can be called loctician,  there are so many hairdressers called themselves master loctician but actually dont have that mastered skills, so please ask enough questions and do more reserach to make sure you have got a satisfying loctician.

Yes. Because maintaining is the most important part of your loc journey, so who does this part of job is the key of it.  If you maintain by yourself or with some unprofessional stylists, you will waste a lot of money and get massed up unhealthy locs. So get a certified loctician, not only they can help you start your happy loc journey, but also help maintain your locs in a satisfying way.

See from the review first, then pick a few loctician then ask them a few question, if they can answer it well, you can trust him/her.

1.Can he give you the best advise to start your loc journey? 

There are too many forms for you to start your loc journey, for the size, there are sisterlock size, micro, small, medium, large, wicks and so on. And also for the types, sisterlocks, traditional locs, textured locs, two strand twist locs, and so on. There are many choices but it’s very important.

2.Use Corrct Products.

There is a higher risk of product build-up that will get stuck in your locs. When locs are unable to receive moisture, they will eventually dry out, thin, and break. Locticians have the knowledge on how to use products. So if they can tell you detaily which products are beneficial, and which products are harmful to the health and growth of locs insted of just tell you something like “this product is good because it’s good selling in Amazon or anywhere”.



4.Nice reputation.

You can go to his/her social media to see how many year have he/she worked; How people say about him/her; Usually the one  with long working experiences will not let you down.  

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