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Loc Extensions FAQ

Loc Extensions are a one type of Hair Extensions which has a very long history, it’s formed by crochet hook and they are so popular in the field of underground culture. It’s not only a hairstyle but also the symbol of freedom, peace and love.

Normally permanent loc extensions mean human hair loc extensions, which has a very long using period comparing with faux locs. If the locs are made with synthetic fiber, then it cannot be called as permanent.

It depends on the skills of installing, the products used and the maintenance.  If you have been installed by a experienced loctician, they will take care of everything for you, and keep maintenance your locs regular will also be a very good choice.

Normally they can be dyed. But it depends on the color and quality that the loc extensions you have got. If it’s already dyed into dark color, then the locs can hardly to be dyed again, also if the hair has been put in somewhere for very long time, which means the water content has been very low (very dry), then this kind of hair can not be dyed very well.  If you are looking for a stable and trustworthy supplier for loc extensions, you can go to hohodreads, which is a very long history dreadlock factory and always promise all products are 100% human hair . 

It depends on the size you want to install.

Normally, 0.4cm will need 80-100 locs for a full head.

0.6cm, 60-80locs.

0.8cm, 40-60locs.

Nowdays, buying loc extensions is not a difficult thing, where to buy it with good quality and price is. We have many choices like Amazon, etsy, and many good dreadlock brands in the market. They are all good but not the best, for example, Amazon, there are many dishonest sellers in Amazon, yes you can get the hair with a very low price but what you will get in big chance it’s the bulk hair mix of synthetic fiber or animal hair. Another choice like Etsy and dreadlock brands are a good choice if you are looking for the quality qualified seller, but to be honest, all of them are supplied by us, so why dont you directly buy from the source? What’s more, if you are a business owner, we strongly recommend you to work with hohodreads factory, which can save tons of money and time to boost your business!