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Start A New Hair Brand

Start A New Hair Brand

Why start a loc extensions business is a good choice?

People quit dreadlocks for some reasons.

Dreadlocks, as a long history, meaningful and stylish cultural symbol, have a great number of lovers around the world. However, because of the limits such as hair is too short, hair volume is too little, or they are too busy to take care of them, they gradually do not continue to keep dreadlocks.

Dreadlock extensions was born to solve problems.

Dreadlock extensions was born for this, even if your hair is short or little, you can still get a perfect stylish dreadlocks hairstyle with Dreadlock extensions;

In addition, when your loc extensions are high quality which is very strong, no matter you wash your hair, swim, sleep, or even do sport, it’s still strong and does not scatter out for a few years, so it can greatly reduce the time you take care of.

How strong for HohoDreads loc extensions?

(Here’s the water test video for HohoDreads dreadlock extensions.

Our locs stay strong and in good shape after tearing within or without water. )

Prejudice for loc extensions.

Some people think that Dreadlock extensions are unnatural, which completely violates the culture of dreadlocks, but I want to say that your own growth dreadlocks are made of human hair, and Dreadlock extensions are also can be made of human hair; Your own growth dreadlocks are crocheted by hand. Our Dreadlock extensions are also crocheted by our hard workers one hook after another. Why isn’t this natural?

And most of the people who use Dreadlock extensions also love dreadlocks culture, but for some of the reasons mentioned above, they must attach Dreadlock extensions, even facing these problems, they still want to have dreadlocks on their head, isn’t this show their love for dreadlocks?

Of course, many people just start their own loc journey, and when they want to do more style, so they will try Dreadlock extensions. Any kind of great culture has a kind of tolerance, and dreadlocks culture is definitely one of the best cultures with tolerance.

People don't know where to buy good quality loc extensions.

Today, there are a lot of dreadlocks lovers who want Dreadlock extensions, but they don’t know where to buy, and the point is that they don’t know where to buy high quality Dreadlock extensions that can last for a few years. Therefore, if our customers who have stores to launch this service, dreadlocks lovers can buy from your stores!

You need to know how to sell dreadlock extensions.

But in fact, most of our customers don’t have a store or don’t know how to start a hair business. Fortunately, HohoDreads has a lot of experience in serving this type of customer, help them start their new hair business, we can help you make a business plan, let you know how other big brands operate, maybe the next big brand is yours after the hard work.

We could say it is not easy and sometimes it take pains because it involves too many things like how to find wholesale hair vendors, you need to make your price list, design your logo, your custom hair packaging, how to get the first sale, how to manage the shipping and many more like that.

Here is the super details step-by-step guide, telling you how to start your hair business.

If it’s too long for you, you can just click “here” to contact us via Email. We can arrange a voice or video meeting to help you start your hair business.

And if you already have a hair brand, you can see our other article- Service for salon stylist.  Service for distributor. 

Ready now? Here’s the step by step instruction.

#1. Figure out your business name.

Figure out your brand name:

It is extremely important. We mean as little as it might sound. It is actually important for you to think about the name for your business. There are two types of names. A specific name and a general name.

A specific name

A specific name is a name in such a way that anybody immediately can see what you do.

For example, the name is Goddess Hair Extensions. Of course, everybody will know you are selling hair because you already stress your business is all about hair.

A general name:

However, when you say Goddess World, Goddess World can practically mean anything. You can decide to sell anything outside, to do anything.

How to choose A Specific Name or A General Name?

In many cases, you start with selling hair and later expand to selling 3D mink lashes, or even women cloth as you already have many women customers in hand and are able to do orders on the same name.

So if you want a long expanding in the future, the general name is a better choice.

You should keep in mind whatever you come up with a business name, you are also connecting it to your reputation. Are you willing to put your reputation on the line for your products. We know you are. You could put together possibly 10 to 15 names and just go through them. 

Choose the favourite name:

After you have listed the name. You can go to a few friend or family members that you are really close with and ask them what do they think about these names. Also we can be one of your listeners and give you advice.

Make sure it’s a unique name:

Next, what you also can do is make sure that you search Google because the last thing you want to do is come to a name that you like and nobody already has it. So we recommend to you search, search and search. Google is your best friend in this process. Once you come up with your name, go ahead to the Secretary of States. You will be able to search your name and see if somebody has actually filed, paid for that name because if they have the name, once again you have to start back at ground zero.

#2. Logo & Packaging of Your Brand.

Logo and packaging is the second steps for your business.

A name that fits your brand can show your brand style. LOGO and packaging that can express the central idea of the brand can play a vital role in improving the trust of customers in your brand and the memory of your brand. At the same time, who hasn’t imagined that your brand has a wonderful LOGO and packaging?

Your unique SLOGAN.

SLOGAN can sometimes play a very important role for a brand. If you can use a simple sentence to let customers fully understand the products you sell and the brand culture you want to express, this is perfect.

HohoDreads’s SLOGAN is “We care a LOC about you”.

SLOGAN can sometimes play a very important role for a brand. If you can use a simple sentence to let customers fully understand the products you sell and the brand culture you want to express, this is perfect.

HohoDreads’s SLOGAN is “We care a LOC about you”.

Using a small trick of the similar words “LOT” and “LOC”, you guys can know from the SLOGAN that we are a company about Dreadlocks. “We care” can express a meaning that we are a company of providing services to you.

How to come out an ideal LOGO?

There are mainly two LOGO styles on the market, one is LOGO+name type, and the other is simplified name type.

LOGO+name type

LOGO+name type is more common on INS, this type of LOGO is suitable for customers who already have their own LOGO ideas. The following pictures are from INSTAGRAM, you can also search for more inspiration.

Simplified name type

I personally kind of like this type of LOGO. It looks pretty stylish.

How to make a LOGO?

If you just want to get a really simple LOGO, here are 3 websites that can support you to make yourself a free LOGO.

Free LOGO MAKING website





Pro LOGO MAKING website

If you want to have a better LOGO, I would suggest you go to the FREELANCE website to hire someone else to design. Many designers will not charge you until you get the most satisfactory version of the LOGO, and the charge will not be very expensive. You can get a satisfying LOGO only costing you a few dollars.


Website: Fiverr.com

Kindly Reminder: Please ask clearly before placing an order, after all, there are so many unreliable people on this kind of website!

Custom packaging design:

It’s a premium work for your brand to design hair packaging,

About the design of your brand, you can reference more from the hair brands in INSTAGRAM and their website.

The steps of the packaging design is the same as the logo design. But you will need to write more words such as your brand introduction, your main products, your quality…etc anything you want to tell your customers.

Of course, you can also hire freelancer to help you do this job on fiverr.

Custom packaging service:

After having your own packaging design, we offer custom packaging service to wholesale clients. It includes logo printed, tag, and packaging manfacturing and so on, which can save a lot of your cost.


You can click “here” to know more.

#3. Open an online store to sell.

Choose How To Sell Online

Look through all the platforms, websites on the internet, we have recommended you to sell your products by this way. 

Top Four Ways to Sell Online (Click the following titles to see the detailed instructions)

  1. Ecommerce store builders like Shopify and BigCommerce
  2. WordPress with the WooCommerce Extension (powered by Bluehost)
  3. Marketplaces like Amazon, Etsy and eBay
  4. Social media sites like Facebook

#4. Promote your brand

Promotion is everything that can help you show your products and expose them to a large range of targeted people. Finally, you will get someone to purchase from you. Definitely, you can pay for advertising and it is a quick way to get clients but as you are a starter with limited money to play with, here are some thing you can do for free and won’t cost you anything other than time to put your business out into the world.

a. YouTube Video Marketing

It is highly recommended to set up a YouTube channel because YouTube is the seconds largest search engine in the world and it is totally free. You are going to have your videos titled something that your targeted clients would like to search for. It could be yourself wearing the hair, some useful hair tutorials and everything you can come up with to promote your hair brand.

b. Business Instagram

Instagram is the second best platform to promote your hair business. You should have a business account instead of private one and put all your information in the bio. Never use your private account to do business. It looks not professional at all. Next, the key to running a successful Instagram account is post consistent catchy photos and small creative videos that women would like to see. There is a fact that a catchy photo always stimulate women desire to purchase your products.

c. Facebook Group

Facebook is currently the social platform with the most users in the world. Imagine that even if only 0.5% of people are interested in your product and place an order with you, you can get thousands of profits.

Please create a FACEBOOK BUSINESS PAGE, so that others can find it when searching for your brand, and increase the trust of customers. At the same time, Facebook has a function that is very suitable for promotion, that is, Facebook Group.

If you are a salon shop owner, you can pull all your customers into this Facebook Group and release some new products and information about events regularly. The important thing is that this is also a free publicity method.

#5. Find your right wholesale hair vendors

Finding a good hair vendors is the key and also the hardest part for your hair business. It is so tedious. We are not saying this to discourage you anything. If you are able to cross this gully, then you are the best of the games. Trust us. There are so many places to find your vendors – Google, Instagram, Youtube, and Pinterest.

We advise that you’d better not to choose your local vendors like wholesale hair distributors based in the United States, in the Canada, etc. Because they are not the real hair manufacture and also go out there to buy from China, from India, from all the origin of the hair. They have already gone through what you are doing right now. They actually add some margin to their price. You will not get the best price from them than from a directly China hair factory like HohoDreads Factory.


We would say that a lot of people have some money like some little money to play around because you have to get samples to test the hair. Before you place the order, how to know is it a scam. This is easy. All you need to do is to contact them and ask them to Facetime. So you can see the hair for yourself and know if they are a real company or real hair factory. Next, what you are going to do is to buy 2 to 3 bundles from them. Try it on for two to three months and see how you will like it. You will never notice the hair is good quality until you try it yourself. This is the only way. It deserves your time as you will be benefited a lot later.


We welcome customers to Facetime with us to check out our factory or you can come to visit us. Also, we provide the sample kit for new customers.


Pls Click here to know more.

#6. Take your time and deal with pressure

Was Roma built in a day? Absolutely not. So don’t think your business is going to be successful overnight. It could take three weeks; it could take three months; it could take three years. We worked with a lot of people and they freak out when they don’t get a sale in the first week or the first two weeks.

The first two months are always going to be the hardest months ever especially if you don’t have a client because you have to make the Instagram for the hair company; getting those followers; having people to trust your brand and believing in your brand is not a scam or your hair quality is good. You are going to work towards all of that.

But to be honest, you need to have a mind for boss to keep it pushing and going because not every day you are going to wake up with orders. There is no 5 to 6 orders waiting for you every day. You need to work hard to get those orders like follow people back on Instagram and DM them; if you see other hair companies as well looking for wholesale, email them like a professional. In these two months, you are not going to get any sleep because you are going to constantly be stressed out about the whole things like not getting customers right away; what can I do different and keep posting videos to promote your brand. We can tell you that people that you know from church are not going to be buying from you. They would rather buy somebody whose price is more expensive than yours. You are just watching them money. So keep that in mind!

If you have any questions or inquiries, please feel free to contact us by filling the following form.



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