How to get purple locs?

How to get purple locs?

Recently, a new dreads color-bright purple. Locs hairstyles are pretty popular nowadays, and many people have them. Therefore, more and more people try newer, more unique, and more eye-catching colors. So purple locs also appeared and were frequently used by everyone. But with the frequent use of colors, a problem arises. That’s how we can get a purple locs hairstyle?

Today, I will write sincerely about it in the following angels.

1 Clean your dreadlock extensions.

It is well known that you should wash your hair before installing the dreadlocks so that you can keep your hair as clean as possible after wearing the dreadlocks. Therefore, before dyeing, if conditions permit, we should wash our hair as much as possible to keep the hair moisturized. Because the next thing we need to use is hair dye wax, which requires your locs to maintain a certain degree of moisture to apply the hair dye wax evenly on the dreads as much as possible.

2 Get things ready in advance.

If you have cleaned your dreadlocks, then we will start preparing for the next step.

First, prepare a worn-out towel or towel you don’t want and put it on your shoulders. The primary purpose is to prevent the later dyeing process from staining your clothes or skin.

Secondly, take out the prepared hair dye wax and open the bottle of hair dye wax. It is convenient for you to get it at any time when you dye your hair later.

In addition, you have to prepare a pair of rubber gloves, which can better help you color evenly.

3 Start dyeing your purple locs.

After preparing the things as mentioned above, start dyeing now. First, based on keeping a certain amount of moisture on your locs, then take a small piece of dyed wax onto the rubber fingers, and then gently apply it to the hair in a bottom-up manner with your fingers until the application is even.

Below is a video detailing how you will dye.

4 Rinse your purple locs.

After evenly applying the purple dyeing wax, you can try to keep the dyeing wax on the locs for a while. If you want light purple, you may have to wait for 30 minutes. If you want deep purple, then you may need about 2 hours. It depends on your color requirements.

After cleaning, you will find that you will get your favorite purple braided hairstyle. So far, the dyeing process of purple locs has been introduced.

Here’s the video about Coloring Locs PURPLE!

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