How to Remove Loc Extensions?

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How to Remove Loc Extensions?

How to Remove Loc Extensions?

How to Remove Loc Extensions is a hot topic that people are recently discussing. Because dreadlocks hairstyles are still more popular nowadays, many people have got dreadlock hairstyles. But the dreads do not mean that they will not be damaged. It has a time limit. Because after you wear the locs for some time, the natural locs will begin to appear loose and lose hair.

Therefore, a more popular topic on the Internet now is how to remove loc extensions. Today, I will write sincerely about it in the following angels.

One Utensils ready to unload loc extensions.

Before I start on how to remove the Loc extensions, I hope you will prepare things in advance. These things are needed to facilitate you to remove the loc extensions later.

First of all, you have to prepare a pair of scissors, which are needed to reduce the locs when removing them.

The second is a crochet needle for dreads. You can choose your crochet needle, whether single-headed, double-headed, or three-headed, as long as you use it smoothly.

The next one is the conditioner. This conditioner also has no special requirements. Any brand and any ingredients are acceptable. As long as it is suitable for your hair, it is the best.

Next is to prepare a bottle of essential oil. This essential oil can be olive oil or other ingredients. The primary purpose is to help you better nourish your hair and protect your hair when you unload your dreadlocks. Finally, there is a rat tail comb.

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Two Conditioner and essential oil.

Take out one-third of the conditioner as mentioned above, put it into a bottle of the same capacity, and then pour two-thirds of the water to dilute it. If there are conditions, the bottles should be the same. If you don’t have the same bottle, try to be spouted instead of squeezed out. This makes it easier for you to have complete access to the conditioner when removing the dreadlocks.

The preparation of essential oils is also operated in the same way so that I won’t repeat it here.

Three Remove Loc extensions.

First of all, we have to determine the hair and the locs position and use scissors to cut the position one finger wide below this position to reduce the excess dreads. Then use a crochet needle for dreads to comb the rest of the knot to remove the locs mixed with your hair.

After removing the Loc extensions, you will find that your hair is curled up like twine. At this time, you need to start combing your hair with your fingers and try to spread it out as much as possible. But the movements must be gentle. Otherwise, it will be easy to pull the hair and hurt the scalp.

Four Take care of your hair.

If your hair has fallen apart, the next step is to maintain your hair. Because after wearing permanent loc extensions for some time, your hair is damaged and needs maintenance.

At this time, you need to spray the pre-prepared conditioner on your hair and try to make your hair touch the conditioner. But be careful not to let your scalp come into contact with the conditioner because it is easy to make you lose hair. When your hair is in connection with the conditioner, start massaging your hair with your hands so that your hair can fully absorb the nutrients inside. In addition, this will make your hair smoother and will not get knotted.

After touching the conditioner, start spraying the pre-prepared essential oils so that your hair is fully exposed to the essential oils. Similar to the previous step, massage your hair with your hands to fully absorb the nutrients in the essential oils.

Five Remove the remaining loc extensions.

The remaining locs also operated in the same way as above. First, cut the dreadlock, loosen the hair, apply conditioner and essential oils, and so on.

When these operations are completed, you will find that your natural locs have been removed, and the degree of hair damage has been reduced. At this time, you can use a comb to comb your hair until there are no knots slowly.

At this point, all the processes of removing the loc extensions have been all over. Friends, have you learned?

Here’s the video about Removing Loc Extensions.



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