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What do I wish do I knew before getting micro locs?


How to get micro locs is a hot topic that people are recently discussing about. Today, I will write deeply about it in the following angels. There are some things I wish you knew before starting them. If you want to know what to expect before you start your micro locs, keep on reading.

One installation.

The first thing is that they would take so long to install. If you’re doing it by a barber, it will take about two to three days. Depending on the size and length of your hair and the size you want the locks to be. But if you’re doing it by yourself, they ould take so long to install it. You may spend a long time, maybe six weeks, or even longer. You had to find time in between jobs on weekends whenever you had a spare hour. You have to install micro locs outside of work or even on weekends.

But when you finish them, you will love them, but it took so long. So if you don’t have the patience, do not do these yourself and go to a location and let them install it for you.

Here is an article on how to install loc extensions in your hair and a video about the process of installing Loc Extensions, you can refer to it if necessary.

Two unraveling.

the second thing was that they would try to unravel if you have fine hair and high density. So you will have the hair volume. But because the strands were so delicate, they separated at the back before you got to the top. Now it would make sense for those with fine hair. You know the type of hair you have, and make sure that you get the locs size that suits you, and that applies to all kinds of hair right from 3a to 4c doesn’t matter. What type of hair do you have to know? What locks would suit your hair?

This video is going to let you know How to wash and maintain micro locs. So if you want to know how to do that, just click on the video below to watch.

Three itching.

The other thing I wish you knew was that they would itch so much. If you have washed your hair before installing the micro locs and before re-tightening your hair each time, you will know that this is not dirt. However, itching still occurs. Because the hair is a bit tight on the scalp, it makes it itchy and puts a lot of pressure on the scalp, which can cause you to lose hair quickly.

Four hands in hair.

The next thing I wish you knew was that you would have a hand in hair syndrome. If you get your haircut in a salon, your hand-in hair syndrome may not be particularly severe. But if you make your hairstyle, your symptoms will be much more powerful. Because this micro locs hairstyle takes too long, several weeks or even months. Therefore, if you put your hands on your head for a long time to make a hairstyle, your symptoms should be evident after finishing your hair, and you will unconsciously put your hands on your hair.

According to research on the Internet, they say to remove your hands from your hair as much as possible. Because it will damage your body or prevent them from maturing the way they should be, so you are supposed to keep your hands away from your hair.

Here’s the video on you should start micro locs.

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