How To Get Blonde Locs?

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How To Get Blonde Locs?

How To Get Blonde Locs?

How to get blonde locs is a hot topic that people are recently discussing about. Today, I will write deeply about it in the following angels.

1 Prepare things for bleaching.

Before you start bleaching, what you’re going to need is bw2, white cream developer, bowl, brush, gloves, scrunchies and hair bin. Besides, you better be prepared to have a towel, preferably get an old towel. You put this towel over your lap because this approach can avoid bleaching on your body or stuff when you bleach your hair.

2 Divide the hair into areas

First and foremost, you are going to put on the gloves. If you think you have enough scrunchies for that, you can section your hair. Because this can help you distinguish the bleached area from the unbleached area and avoid repeating bleaching on some of the locs. So it is convenient for you to bleach your hair better and evenly. Once you are done doing that section, you are going to take it out and then go to the next one.

Next, you are going to start with the front. Just put that right there in one section. Until you have divided the hair of the entire head into areas, you can prepare for the next step.

3 Scoop out the bleaching powder.

Open the powder you prepared in advance, and you will find a small scoop inside. The purpose of this spoon is to facilitate you to get the bleach inside. Before you get the bleach, you should make sure that the place you are in is always ventilated, Because when you mix bw2 and white cream developer, it will produce a pungent smell. So just as we thought, a ventilated environment can better dissipate these smells.

After opening the powder, use a small scoop to scoop out the bleaching powder. How many scoops to hold depends on your hair volume. When you get it, try to fill it as much as possible and hold it spoon by spoon to ensure that there is not enough dosage in the subsequent bleaching process.

Suggestion: Generally, if the hair volume is small, 2-3 scoops are enough; But if the hair volume is large, you may need 3-4 scoops or more.

4 Prepare bleach.

After taking out the bleaching powder, pouring the white cream developer into the bowl and using the end of the brush to stir it to mix all up. if it’s you want it more so on like a creamy consistency, you don’t want it to be clumpy. you see you want to have a creamy consistency so you should try to just stir this up. If it is still a little lumpy after mixing, you can add more developer. But be careful, don’t pour too much, otherwise it will cause too thin, and the color bleaching effect will be worse.

Here is a YouTube video that explains in detail how you can modulate the dye.

5 Started to drift the locs into golden locs

Divide the dreadlocks on the head into good areas. When you are dying, the hair is dyed in layers and zones. The layers are different according to the number of individual hair. People with more hair can divide them into several layers, and those with less hair can divide them into fewer layers. Depends on your situation. When applying hair dye, apply a sufficient amount of each layer to ensure that each layer of hair is the same color, and then wait for the cleaning time according to the instructions.

6 Repair dyed hair roots.

The touch-up dyeing of the hair roots is the most troublesome thing. I worry about applying too much and too little, so you must be careful when touch-up dyeing. The color of touch-up dyeing must be the same as that of other areas. The hair roots are dyed 5 minutes before washing, which significantly reduces the appearance of the color of the hair roots being different from other hair colors. Repair dyed hair roots

7 Wash hair.

It is time to wash your hair after the specified time. When washing your hair, you must use warm water and weakly acidic shampoo to wash it so that it is not easy to fade, and it also prevents the hair from being dry and shiny.

After washing the hair, you should apply hair care products to your hair to ensure the nutrition of the hair and reduce the damage of the hair dye to the hair. After applying the hair care products, wait a few minutes to rewash the hair.

After the hair is dry, you should use a wooden wide-tooth comb to treat your hair. Because the newly dyed hair is fragile, you should not use a plastic comb to prevent static electricity from damaging the hair. After dyeing your hair, be sure to take care of your hair carefully so that your hair shines brightly and smoothly and blooms with charming brilliance.

Here is a video about how to get blonde locs.

How to get blonde locs that have been made?

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