A Complete Guide About Micro locs For Starter Locs

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A Complete Guide About Micro locs For Starter Locs

Are you a locs lover? If you are, and you are new to locs and know little about them, then this blog is for you. This blog will introduce a type of locs, micro locs. Just like its name, it looks much tinier than traditional dreadlocks. Thus, it is a good option for those who like dreadlocks but don’t want their hair to be too heavy. 

This blog will tell you what are micro locs, and their types, pros and cons. And if you are getting micro locs, what you can and cannot do. Thus, keep scrolling to read more about micro locs.

What are Micro locs?

The locs hairstyles have been depicted in ancient civilizations back as far back as 1500 BCE. Locs are symbols of spiritual, religious, cultural, and now they have become a popular aesthetic in modern beauty, music and fashion. 

Over time, locs also developed different sizes, lengths and styles. And micro locs, a smaller version of traditonal dreadlocks, have become popular in recent years and are sought after by many locs lovers. These locs are formed by braiding, twisting, coiling, being interlocked by a crochet tool or using extensions. They are usually samller in size and diameter than traditional locs. Therefore, micro locs allow you to flexibly change your hairstyle due to their small size, giving you a variety of options for your hairstyle.

Thus, if you have fine hair or thin hair, micro locs would be a great option for you. Besides, you can customize your hairstyles by changing color and pattern of micro locs.

micro locs

5 Ways to start micro locs

Micro locs are quite versatile, so there are multiple ways to maintain and start micro locs. This blog will introduce 5 ways to start micro locs, and help you choose the best way according to your hair type, thickness and length. 


The most common method is with interlocking and this is where people always confuse micro locs with sister locs. Compared with sister locs, the parting of micro locs can be wherever the person desires.  This technique can be done with a tool and fingers. The upside about interlocking is its long maintenance period compared with other ways. If your hair is very prone to unraveling or breakage then you should consider interlocking first. The downside to interlocking is that it can trigger traction alopecia if the hair is interlocked too tight and then maybe you will loose some locs. This technique may be challenging for beginners, so it is better to ask for help from a professional loctician.


Two strand twist can be achieved by splitting a sectionof hair into two and then creating a rope-like appearance by wrapping each section aroundthe other. The advantage of this technique is so easy compared other techniques that you can do it by yourself. The disadvantage is your locs would easily unravel if your hair is soft and silky. This way is a good option for those who have either very long hair, low density hair.


Micro locs started with braiding would be fit for people with a looser hair texture and shorter hair. The advantage of braiding is that you won’t experience shrinkage or frizz compared to other ways. However, if you have low density hair, then this way isn’t suitable for you.


The fourth way to start your micro locs is coiling. This method would create uniform coils around your head by using a comb. It would be the fastest way to get micro locs, however, it also means that you have to maintain your locs more frequently, because coiling is much easier to unravel than braiding or twisting.


The last method of starting micro locs is best suited for people with short hair and those who not willing to wait years for their locs to grow longer. You can use hair extensions to start with twisting or braiding. But you should avoid putting too much, which would weigh your hair down and then cause traction alopecia.

Advantages and Disadvantages About Micro locs

Obviously, if you want to change the thickness, length and style of your hair, micro locs is a great option for you. However, every hairstyle has its upsides and dowansides. So keep reading and choose the locs style that meets your needs.


  • Volume: The most direct feeling is that you can obviously feel that your hair volume has increased. If you don’t have a lot of hair, micro locs are simply tailor-made for you, making you easily get high-volume hair.
  • Versatile: With micro locs, you can easily have a wide range of hairstyle options. You can transform your hair into ponytails, braids or other hairstyles in a short time.
  • Comfortable: Compared with traditional dreadlocks, micro locs are thinner in diameter and lighter in weight. It makes it easier for you to manage your locs without adding too much burden to your scalp.
  • Convenient: Compared with traditional dreadlocks, microlocs are easier to maintain and you can even DIY them at home. It is a really cost-effective way at home.


  •  Time-consuming: Micro locs require far more locs than traditional dreadlocks, which means that the installation process is very time-consuming and long. It will take approximately 6-24 hours, so you usually need 1-2 days over the course.
  • Added cost: Micro locs will be expensive if you want to install them by a professional loctician, and you will have to go to the salon regularly after installation. But if you decide to DIY at home, the cost will be greatly reduced.

Dos and Don'ts About Micro locs


  • Wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo, no styling product and no conditioners. Make sure that you have healthy ends and you hair is even and that your locs are as healthy as they can be.
  • Wear a hair scarf when you are going to bed at night. And having a hair tie will prevent your locs from rubbing while you’re sleeping.
  • Do a retie schedule. Make sure your loctician will be able to catch and fix any issues about your locs.
  • Pay attention to moisture in your hair. Mist your hair and scalp, especially your scalp, with rose water or plain water. 


  • Stay away from any edge control gels and styling products. Because they basically work against the natural hair locing process.
  • Do not wash your locs for the first 10 weeks of installation. Wash your hair frequently would only make your hair slippage. However, this varies from person to person and  you can decide according to the condition of your hair.


Finally, micro locs are a popular hairstyle, and if you are interested and want to try a new hairstyle, it is a good option for you. Besides, you can choose to DIY at home, or you can choose a professional loctician to instal micro locs.

Micro Locs Vs Sisterlocks Extensions, afro kinky human hair micro locs
afro micro locs #613 0.2cm

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