3 Pros of Dreadlocks

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3 Pros of Dreadlocks

the pros of dreadlocks

With the increasing acceptance of dreadlock permanent extensions, the hairstyles of dreadlock extensions with real hair are becoming more and more diverse. But what follows is that a very controversial and hot topic has also emerged, that is, the advantages and disadvantages of dreadlocks. The last article has already talked about the cons of dreadlock extensions real hair. If you are interested, you can directly click on the link below to view it. Now, this article will talk about the advantages of dreadlock extensions crochet.

1. Reduce the number of shampoos

The first Pro is that you have to wash them much less often. So I used to wash my hair every day, and there were a few reasons for this.

One reason was every time I would exercise, my hair would get super sweaty, like to the point where it looked like my hair was completely wet on top when I would put it in a ponytail. So obviously, it only made sense to wash that hair. Because once that dries, it kind of looks a bit greasy and doesn’t feel nice or clean.

Another reason why I would wash my hair every day is sometimes that if I didn’t work out, but I wake up one morning and it felt like my hair had like a weird kink in it or a weird wave or curl, or I slept on it the wrong way that I was folded. My hair wouldn’t look as nice. I felt like jumping in the shower and washing my hair and having it dry naturally would make it look better instead of just leaving that weird crimper whatever was in it from sleeping on it. Sometimes, I would wash my hair to look presentable, which is a pain in having regular straight natural hair.

The pro was that I had to wash my human hair locs much less often. I wash them a few times a month, and I also go in the ocean in between when I wash my eight dreads. So yeah, that’s a benefit is not having to wash them as often that.

Here is an article on how to deep clean dreadlocks. If you need it, you can click to check it out.

2. Reduce bath time

Reduce bath time

In other words, my showers tend to be a lot shorter. When I had long hair, I pretty much couldn’t take more straightforward than a 10-minute shower no matter how hard I tried pretty much just because I had so much hair that I had to shampoo and rinse out and condition and rinse out. When you have that much hair on your head, it takes a while to rinse everything out thoroughly. So I could never take a shorter than 10-minute shower no matter how fast I wanted to be. It took that long.

Now because I don’t have to wash my dreadlock human hair extensions, every single time I shower, I can take a two-minute shower. I just jumped into the shower to wash my body and put some cloth shower gel everywhere. I’ll always tie it up in a high bun, and I’ll avoid the showerhead on my head. Actually, in the shower I have now, you can take the showerhead off and go around your body which is helpful.

But anyway, I can take like a two-minute shower, and often that that is how long my batteries last if that sometimes it’s less than two minutes and how awesome is that when it comes to the time it takes to get ready, it doesn’t take any time at all, so it’s incredible.

By the way, here is a link to the Hair bonnet for sleeping. If you want to use a nightcap after the shower, you can click this link to consult. This quality is really guaranteed.

3. Meet more like-minded friends

Another Pro is that you create dread bonds with other folks who have afro kinky human hair dreadlocks. I love meeting other people who have dreadlocks, learning about their journey how long they’ve had them. In addition, I want to know what types of maintenance techniques they use, what their dreadlocks mean to them, why people got dreadlock extensions permanent, how long they plan on having them, and what hairstyles are their favorite. You are more likely to connect with other people who have dreadlocks if you have dreadlocks. So that’s a benefit.

I love there are so many things you can talk about when it comes to dreadlocks.

Those are my thoughts on the pros of dreadlocks.

Here’s the video on pros and cons of dreadlocks.

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