Thick Locs: A New Wave In Textured Hairstyles

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Thick Locs: A New Wave In Textured Hairstyles

The newcomers for locs may be confused between thick locs and traditional locs. If you are also a beginner who doesn’t know much about locs, then this blog will tell you some basic knowledge about locs. There are some differences between thick locs and traditional locs in terms of appearance, creation method and maintenance. 

Look from the appearance, thick locs is a type of hairstyle where dreadlocks are created and styled in a way that they apppear thicker and fuller than traditional dreadlocks. In terms of creation method, thick locs require more hair and more complex techniques to make. Compared to traditional locs, it requires dividing the hair into finer strands and using more threads and techniques to create volume and fullness. From the aspect of locs maintenance, thick locs require more frequent washing and trimming than traditional locs to keep them nice and healthy. 

In general, there are some differences between thick locs and traditional locs. You can choose according to your styles and needs. After a preliminary understanding of thick locs, then, we will mainly discuss the advantages and disadvantages of thick locs and how to maintain them. So, continue reading to learn more about locs.

advantages of thick locs

  • Look better: Thick locs is a very unique type of dreadlocks that attract attention from others. It’s full of personality and creativity, making you look very attractive and no longer worry about your messy hair.
  • Reduce trouble: If you don’t want to go through the tedious steps of washing, blow-drying and styling your hair every day, then thick locs are definitely the ideal hairstyle for you. This hairstyle only requires regular cleaning and trimming, reducing a lot of trouble and leaving you more time to do other things.
  • Easy to care: Thay are also easier to take care than other hairstyles. Because the hair is braided together, it can reduce the chance of loose hair.

Disadvantages of Thick locs

  • High cost: Compared with other hairstyles, thick locs may require more time and money. And you still need to spend money to maintain your locs, as well as some hair care products.
  • Potential damage: Washing your hair infrequently to maintain its shape can lead to blockage to skin pores due to oil buildup.

how to take care of Thick locs?

  • Start with healthy hair: The key to getting thick locs is to start with healthy hair. Moisturize your hair daily, use natural hair products that do not dry out your hair, and eat a healthy diet.
  • Do not retwist often: This is the most important factor in taking care of thick locs. Frequently retwisting your locs will not make your locs nicer and healthier, but also increase the burden on your locs. The ideal time for retwisting is about 6 to 8 weeks.
  • No tight hairstyles: Tight hairstyles may have a negative impact on your hair and scalp. Your scalp may feel tight, uncomfortable or even painful due to being in a state of tension for a long time. Therefore, to protect your locs and scalp, try to avoid tight hairstyles and keep your locs in a natural and relaxed state.
  • Use headscarf or silk scarf: To best protect your locs, sleep with a headscarf and silk scarf to tie your head at night to avoid friction that may cause hair frizzy.
  • Throw away all unnatural products: Unnatural hair products may damage the natural protective layer of your locs, making them weak and damaged. Some products even may also lead to blockage to skin pores, preventing your locs from breathing and then your hair would become dry and frizzy. Therefore, choose natural products to protect the health of your hair.


In general, thick locs are a hairstyle full of personality and fashion. You can choose the hairstyle according to your personal preferences and needs. And if you want a unique and stylish hairstyle, you can try it.

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