The Best Guide For Coloring Locs

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The Best Guide For Coloring Locs

Have you thought about coloring locs? Colored locs looks very individual and attractive and attracts many locs lovers. If you also have locs and are bored of a single and simple hairstyle, you can try coloring your locs or doing different hair styles to make them look special. 

Bleaching locs is a tricky business. It requires strong chemicals to stain the area of hair. Furthermore, different types of hair require different intensities of chemicals. Thus you need to be extremely careful with the products that you put on your hair. If you are a novice at hair dyeing, it is best to seek help from a professional loctician to help you.

If you are think of coloring your locs, this blog is designed for you. This blog will tell you some issues you need consider before dyeing your locs, 4 steps when dyeing your locs and how to care for your hair after dyeing. So, keep reading and learning more about hair coloring.

Things to consider before Coloring Locs

Before you start coloring your locs, you should pay attention to some questions. Is your hair condition suitable for hair dyeing? How to choose the right hair color for you? What should you do to protect your scalp and hair before dyeing your locs as much as possible? If you are a new hand for hair coloring, you need to do some serious research on how to pick the color of locs and choose the safest hair color products. Before starting the locs coloring, you must following 3 tips:

1. What kind of hair is suitable for coloring?

Before coloring your hair, you should judge your hair first. If you have a healthy scalp and good hair, then your hair is acceptable to dye. However, if your hair is already damaged, fragile and dry, it would be terrible. To avoid damage your hair furtherly, you should wait a few months until your hair is back to normal.

2. How to choose the right color for your locs?

Another thing you need to do before coloring your locs is to choose a color that won’t cause serious damage to your hair. It is best to choose the natural shades that matches your own hair, so that it is not only easy to apply color, but also does not damage your hair seriously. However, you may need to repeat the process several times before you see noticeable results.

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3. What can you do to keep your hair healthy before coloring?

Locs coloring would make your scalp and hair lose a lot of moisture, which becoming dry and frizzy. Therefore you need extra moisture to maintain your locs healthy. Always apply enough oil to your hair before dying it, for example, coconut oil, rosemary oil and any other hair oil to strengthen your hair so that your hair would not lose moisture too much.

Four steps to Coloring locs

If you decide to dye locs yourself at home, then you must be familiar with the entire dyeing process. You can follow these steps below.

Step 1 : Sectioning

Firstly, divide your hair into sections, so you can color your locs easily. It is recommended that you use a rat comb, which is more convenient for you to separate your locs.

Step 2 : coloring

This is the most important step in the whole process. Before using hair dye, you can apply Vaseline to the edges of your hair so that the dye on your skin can be easily washed off. Apply hair dye evenly to your hair with the correct method and tools. During the entire process, don’t forget to bring gloves and cover up your clothes, and it is best to wear an item of clothing that you don’t need.

step 3 : Waiting

After dyeing your locs, you need to wait 40-60 minutes for your locs to fully color.

Step 4 : rinsing

Rinse out the color dye on your locs, and then apply moisturizer  to your hair. When the step is done, the journey of coloring locs is complete.

How to care for your locs after hair color?

1. Keep your locs moist at all times

Moisture is an important factor in maintaining the health of your hair, no matter what hair style or scalp. As long as your hair has enough moisture, your hair will look healthier, brighter and shinier. And it is more important when it comes to dyed locs. So in your daily life, you should have a good habit for hair care, such as using hair oil or conditioner to maintain the health of hair.

2. Keep your locs away from heat

After coloring your locs, you must keep it away from excessive heat. After dyeing, using a hot hair dryer will make your hair worse. Also, don’t overexpose your hair to the sun and let your hair dry in the air as much as possible. If you are outside, you can choose to wear a headscarf or silk scarf to avoid direct sunlight.

3. Nourish your hair with good eating habits

Diet is also an important factor in maintaining the health of your hair. Hair needs enough nutrients to grow healthily. Therefore, you need to develop a good diet and pay attention to protein intake. Foods such as milk and vegetables are rich in protein, and eating these foods can promote the overall health of your hair.


Finally, coloring locs requires a certain skill and it would be challenging for beginners. If the above operation is difficult for you, you can find a professional hair colorist with rich experience and skills that can give you more professional service according to the different types of your hair. If you already have experience with hair coloring, you can also choose to dye your locs at home. But before you do that, you need to carefully research and compare different hair coloring brands and products, and then be sure to familiarize yourself with the entire hair coloring process. If you think coloring locs troublesome, you also can buy dyed locs

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