5 ways to install the loc extensions.

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5 ways to install the LOC extensions

5 ways to receive the LOC extensions

How to receive the loc extensions is a hot topic that people are recently discussing about. Today, I will deeply introduce how to receive the LOC extensions when your hair is about 3 inches in the following angels.

Prepare some dreadlocks in advance.

dreadlock extensions

Such as 0.8 centimeters which are about the size of a sharpie marker and 12 inches in length.

Choose a color that is as close to your hair color as possible.

1 Section hair.

loc extensions
dreadlocks extensions

Everyone’s parting technique is different—for example, uniformed parts, C parts, diamond parts, rectangular parts or just free parting. You can start parting your rows from the back if you prefer to do uniformed parts in a bricklayer pattern.

Another important point is to parting everything out so that you can get a good look at the parts. Because once these locks are installed, it’ll be rather difficult to take them out and repair everything. So doing this step is very important.

Even though people consider these to be permanent LOC extensions, nothing in life is truly permanent. But the point is that it can be quite difficult to take these locks out and repair everything. So this step right here is by a very vital foundation and is very important.

Tips: the longer your hair is, the more of the end you can leave out.

2 begin the installation process.

human hair dreadlock extensions

First and foremost, you should have pre-lightened the extensions to get as close as possible to the color.

The next step is going to be installing. What you’re going to do is open up or loosen up the loose. You can choose to kind of butterfly or wing the hair over you here before crocheting here.

You should Notice you are pushing and pulling the needle in and out between your thumb and forefinger of your left hand. Every time you pull out, you are catching hairs. Besides, you are not letting those hairs go with the needle. Then rotate the lock-in between your thumb and forefinger as you push the needle back in and out every time. So every time you pull your needle out, you are catching your hair, and you should not let that hair go with your needle.

Therefore, as you rotate and you pushed the needle back in, you are just slowly tangling hair on the inside of the lock. That’s how you create a nodding inside and what holds the extension and your hair together.

In addition, you can install with a single point, but you should pay attention that these needles are very sharp. So, it would be best if you were especially careful when you use these tools.

3 Repeat the above operation

natural dreadlocks

When you have your first row installed, just taking a good look at that row goes over any locks.

If you need to continue to work your way up step and repeat, continue to do the same process for each section.

4 Design hairstyle。

afro kinky human hair dreadlocks

Now you’ve completed a full head of LOC extensions, and the next step will be styling some for some stylists. Just installation can be enough. It is a very long and tedious process, but it is so beautiful once you’re finished.

5 Maintain loc extensions.

afro dreads

Here is the finished product.

Extensions can be kind of stiff when you’re first putting them in. But as time goes by, you’re maintaining them more, and a while they get washed and conditioned, they become softer, more pliable. But with this method, it looks most realistic.

Here’s the video about Installing Loc Extensions.

This blog material references this video.

How to get extensions and dreadlock crocheting?

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