How to Make loc Extensions With Loose Human Hair?

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How to Make Dreadlock Extensions With Human Hair?

How to Make Dreadlock Extension With Human Hair?

How to make dreadlock extensions with human hair is a hot topic that people are recently discussing. Today, I will write deeply about it in the following angels.

1 Prepare the required materials

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Before you make the dreadlock,you need a clip for a clamp, some rubber bands, a rat tail comb, and loose human hair. Because you will use these when you’re dealing with loose hair.

2 Clip hair on the table

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You should take out a small section of hair that has been prepared about the thickness of the dreadlock you like and put a little rubber band at the top of it. Then, you clip that rubber band right to your table and hold the hair in your non-dominant hand and take the rat tail comb in your dominant hand hold it right in the middle.


  • You don’t want to hold the handle or else the end of the comb because that would be too floppy.

3 Pushing hair back

dreadlocks extensions

Holding the hair up at a 45-degree angle and then you go back about three inches and push that hair back. Then, you do the end about one inch deep and right go back in that area. Besides, this action has to be performed repeatedly and lasts for a long time. Because the dreadlock extensions you make will be more natural and lasting in this way.


  • The tighter the teases you make, the more dense your dreadlock will be and it will have such a nice shape.

4 Start to roll dreadlocks by using your hands

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The secret behind rolling your dreadlock is heat and friction. So you are supposed to focus on the same area of the dread right on top for a while and you should be able to feel in your hand at getting a little tighter. This way you can form some more knots in there.


  • Once you feel like it’s as tight as it’s going to get move on down the dread.
  • Focusing on small little sections of dread at a time as you roll.

5 Do the same process again

You clamp it back down and go back through and tease it up again because as you roll it does not start to come loose.

As you think, this way can form some more knots in there and do the same process again rolling it out.

6 Roll the hair ends in the palm of your hands


You can put the ends of the hair in the palm of your hand and rub it. If you do it too much and they become twisted.

You go ahead and roll out your extension again until you feel like your dreadlock is nice and tight and then roll it out eventually you will have a nice tight dread that will be perfect to add to your hair. Making loc extensions with loose human hair is pretty easy because you just have to comb and roll it.


  • If it’s still a little bit lose or If you want to make your dreadlock extensions a little tighter, go through and tighten them up with a crochet hook.

Here’s the video of how the wicks extensions look like.

How to get dreadlock extensions that have been made?

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