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3 Cons of Dreadlocks

the pros of dreadlocks
the pros of dreadlocks

The con of dreadlocks is a hot topic that people are recently discussing. Today, I will write sincerely about it in the following angels. An article about the pros of dreadlocks will be shown in the following article. If you are interested, you can directly click on the link below to enter the writing on the pros of dreadlocks.

This article will introduce you to the four cons of dreadlock extensions. Let’s start looking down.

one Wasting time.

The first con would be the amount of time. It takes to maintain the loc extensions, and this may also be something you do not know how long it will take and what involves maintaining the dreadlocks.

Once I got them, I figured that was kind of it, and I didn’t have to do anything to them, which is silly because obviously, hair grows out of my head. It doesn’t turn into a dreads, so something will have to be done about that, which is what maintenance is, and the way I maintain my locs is with a dreadlock crochet hook.

I take the loose hairs that have grown in. I accept the loose strands, and I pull them into the dreadlock they are supposed to go into, allowing my scalp to be more visible and air to get to my scalp.

So this takes me around 10 minutes per dreadlock. Because I’m very slow at it, I haven’t done it that often and haven’t practiced it. So I have 32 dreadlocks, and that means it takes around 300 minutes to maintain all of the roots, which pretty much means 5 hours of maintenance. It’s good to do that, you know, once a month or every two months, so that’s a lot of time I didn’t know would go into it, so that’s a con for me.

Here is an article about How to Make Dreadlock Extensions With Human Hair. if necessary, you can check the specific operation method.

crochet needle for dreads

Two Spend a lot of money.

The other alternative, which is another con, is that if I don’t maintain them by myself, I have to pay for somebody else to keep them for me. Unless I find a barter system and trade service for somebody to maintain my human kinky hair loc extensions, I haven’t seen that often. So paying for somebody to keep the roots would usually take only two or three hours, but it would cost around 50 to 70 dollars depending on how much the person charges and how quickly they can work.

So either way, every couple of months, putting five hours into maintaining the roots or charge or paying somebody to do it, those are both kinds of cons of having 100 % human hair loc extensions, in my opinion, because I don’t enjoy the process.

the cons of dreadlocks

Three Repeat the operation.

That’s another thing like I feel like the act of doing something with your hands like a repetitive repeated movement can sometimes be meditative and get me in the zone and be like a stress reliever. Still, another con is that it’s a painful process.

It could be unique to me because I have a very low pain tolerance. But I find it to be pretty sad. I mean, essentially, what you’re doing is you’re taking the loose hairs and just pulling at your scalp, and you’re using acrochet needle for locs like weaving them back into the permanent loc extensions itself.

So I find it pretty painful, and it’s challenging to do to myself to do to my head when I know it’s sad. So it’s easier to have somebody else do it and just cleanse, clench my teeth, and work through it than doing it myself, so that’s a con as well as the painfulness of tightening up your roots.

Four Moist scalp.

The last con that I could think of, which is also a pretty big con, is that I exercise probably five or six days a week. When I exercise, my scalp gets moist because I’m sweating like a pig unless my crochet locs are maintained at the roots and very tight, and my scalp has air to it rather than having all this fluff on top. Unless there is air getting to my scalp, it’s going to take a very long time for my scalp to air out and dry.

So usually, that moist warm feeling in my hair near my head lasts for at least an hour if not more, depending on if I’m outside and there’s the wind going by getting in there a little bit or if I’m sitting inside, and not much is going on in there.


So those are some of the cons that I believe to be true about dreadlocks. The cons are just the time it takes to maintain or the money it takes to keep.

Here’s the video on pros and cons of dreadlocks.

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