Can You Bleach Permanent Loc Extensions?

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Can You Bleach Permanent Loc Extensions?

Can You Bleach Permanent Loc Extensions?

Loc extensions is a hot topic that people are recently discussing about. One of the most popular questions that I get is getting permanent like extensions be bleached, dyed, colored, etc., which my answer is it depends on the type of hair you get. Today, I will write deeply about it in the following angels.

1 Prepare tools and materials

If your hair is red and you want another color, you are gonna go ahead and get rid of the red, which is one of the hardest colors to remove.

Let is go ahead and get into the tools and materials such as aluminum foil that you use on food.

We need this for a couple of reasons. One to separate the hair that we are bleaching from the hair that we are not bleaching into. aluminum foil produces heat and heat mix bleach process faster.

We also need our powder bleach, such as using bw2 but feel free to use whatever powder bleach you feel most comfortable with

We need developers such as using 40 volume, but they come one through fifty. The higher the volume developer, the faster your hair will process.

We can not forget about a bowl because what else are you going to mix it all in right and an applicator brush in order to mix and apply.

Do not forget an old shirt that you do not mind getting products on because this can get messy.

2 Mix scoops and developers


We are going to start by taking a couple of scoops of our powder bleach and putting it into the bowl. You could use several scoops of bleach that you think that is how much you will need to saturate all hair fully. Besides, you are going to take your developer and pour it into the ball, and then you are just going to mix until it is smooth throughout.

Notice: If this is not the consistency you want and it is way too thick, it is sticking to the brush. It would be best if you had a little bit more developers. Once that is applied, you will again go ahead, and meanwhile, it can be a little clumpy when you are mixing it. So don’t be afraid to get in their mix until it is smooth. It’s pretty good for what you need to accomplish, and this will work for you.

3 Smear the whole loc extensions

dreadlock extensions

Now here comes the fun part, and we are going to go ahead and start the application process.

You should find the lock to apply the bleach to get your foil, and position it underneath the lock. Once it’s in place, you should begin to apply the bleach using your applicator brush. Meanwhile, you apply it from the tip of the lock to the root of their lock. You should make sure that you are fully saturated on all sides.

When you found out that it was fully saturated, you went ahead and voted up the foil around the lock so that it could begin processing.

4 Do that same process


When you finish the following process, you should go ahead and do that same process on your hair.

5 Complete the fading process


Let it sit for a full hour because red is really hard to remove. After one hour later, washing it out, and your loc extensions have been bleached.

Here's the video about bleaching permanent loc extensions.

How to get loc extensions?

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