Everything You Need To Know About Interlocking dreads

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Interlocking dreads is a technique utilized to create and keep dreads. It includes drawing completions of the loc with the origin to developing a knot at the base and also tighten up new development to the scalp.

The interlocking method is likewise known as “root flipping” or “latch hooking dreads”.

Interlocking dreads

How to Do Interlocking Dreads
Wash your locs with a dreadlock residue-free hair shampoo.
Cover the brand-new hair development around the root of the loc.
Place the hook in the center of the dreads at the base of each loc to create a hole
Put the remainder of the loc right into the loop of the hook. Proceed this procedure till the dreadlock becomes tight and shows up in a Y-shape.
Put it in the opposite direction if you have more area and the dreadlock isn’t as well tight.
Below is an extra detailed to interlocking dreads maintenance 

Clean your dreads

Clean your dreadlocks two times utilizing a residue-free shampoo.

Here is a detailed overview on just how to wash dreadlocks.

For dreadlocks that have not been made clear for some time, below is a step by step on just how to deep clean dreadlocks.

Obtain the necessary materials ready
In this case, you will need a latch hook, clips, a towel, and water spray to keep hair wet in case it obtains dry. There are no special items called for to interlock dreadlocks. 

Interlock the dreads

You will certainly find brand-new hair growth at the base of the dreadlocks. Cover the brand-new hair growth around the origin of the loc.
Insert the hook in the center of the dreads at the base of each loc to form a hole
Place the remainder of the loc right into the loop of the hook. Continue this procedure until the dreadlock becomes limited and also appears in a Y-shape.
If you have even more space as well as the dreadlock isn’t also tight, put it in the opposite instructions.
Whatever you do, see to it the origin is never also tight.

Below is a video detailing the whole interlocking process.

Interlocking Dreads Pros as well as Cons

Interlacing pros

  • Interlocking jobs excellent for every hair texture although the results are better on afro hair.
  • Longer lasting maintenance. When you maintain your dreads with interlacing method, the time that you’ll have to wait between upkeep is different. Generally, you’ll preserve your dreadlocks every eight weeks, unlike one a month with palm-rolling.
  • It’s a great upkeep strategy for those that sweat a lot, work out a great deal, as well as those that often swim since you can hair shampoo your dreads without needing to retwist them.
  • No products required
  • It’s a quick and also very easy strategy
  • The method helps stop “fro-loc” take care of sweating, obtaining rained on, swimming, or after shampooing your dreadlocks.
  • Interlocking helps to draw in loosened brand-new hairs to keep base of the loc solid as well as with the exact same dimension.

Interlocking Cons

The method develops a braided result in the hair
If not done by a specialist loctician, it can cause locs thinning, discomfort, splitting, as well as grip alopecia.
In most cases, deposit types at the area where it is interlaced.

Interlacing Dread Tool

Interlacing dreads technique calls for using a little tool referred to as an interlocking device that has a tiny hook attached to its end.

You can make use of a securing needle to interlace dreads and do your very own maintenance.
 interlocking toolLocs interlocking tool 

Interlocking Dreads Tool

Exactly how to obtain dreads– The interlocking technique
Locs can be created utilizing the interlocking method. This strategy produces knots overall size starting from the bottom.

Below is a video on how to begin interlock dreads

For how long does interlocking dreads last?

Interlacing dread upkeep will last averagely 8 weeks– between 6 weeks as well as 3 months. Just how quick your hair expands extremely affects the upkeep frequency. 

What hair kinds can do interlacing?

Interlacing dreadlocks is ideal for all hair types, although afro hair gets the best out of this approach.

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