How to deep clean dreadlocks?

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Every now and then, you will need to deep clean your dreadlocks. not just since normal washing is not nearly enough to clean your dreads from the inside out, yet additionally for the various other benefits that a deep cleanse have.

You will literally really feel the change when you have saturated your dreads in a deep tidy dish, you will see that your locs are a great deal lighter.

Keep in mind, no matter what residue totally free hair shampoo you are utilizing for your dreadlocks, it is never ever 100% deposit complimentary.

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Enjoy this guide video clip about just how to deep tidy dreadlocks:

There is no demand to start deep cleansing your dreads immediately, due to the fact that you still do not have any kind of accumulate yet. At some point you will just really feel that your normal washing is insufficient anymore which your dreads has come to be kinda heavy. I can not inform a local time because it relies on each scenario. Simply watch on your dreads and opt for exactly how you feel. I did my very first after practically a year (Yes I waited as well long) in my 2nd set I waited 6 months, which was ideal.

How commonly should I deep clean my dreadlocks?

there is no rule, once more it depends on many aspects, like how usually you wash your hair, the shampoo you’re utilizing, the environment where you live, just how magnetic are your dreads, exactly how oily is your scalp. and so on. So only you can determine simply choose how you really feel again. I do mine on a monthly basis or every 2 months and occasionally less. There likewise no need to do it extremely usually, if you wash your hair normally, a deep cleanse when a month is ample.

How to deep clean dreadlocks
So how to deep clean dreadlocks?

the most common method for dreadlocks deep clean is the sodium bicarbonate soak. numerous things can be included in the sodium bicarbonate (bicarbonate of soda or simply BS). The most common component included is the well-known Apple Cider vinegar.


  • This time I will only use these two active ingredient (Baking soda and also Apple cider vinegar) later I will make an additional blog post concerning the various other ingredients you can add to your dreadlocks deep clean recipe:
  • Dish/ Sink/ Bucket …: You will certainly need where to soak your dreads for about half an hour, so see to it you’re comfy and make certain that all your hair will certainly sink in water
  • Cozy water: fill the bowl or sink or whatever you are using with hot water, as hot as you can stand but not as well hot.
  • Sodium bicarbonate/ Bicarbonate of Soda: include couple of tabe spoons to the cozy water, there are once more no rules as to just how much of baking soda you need to include, it depends on just how much water you are using. simply do not make use of to much untill it starts to accumulate in all-time low.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar: few table spoon of apple cider vinegar I utilized half a mug (see video clip) but I had a lot of water in my dish.
  • Mix the combination effectively
  • Obtain any beads or accessories left in your dreads
  • Saturate your dreads in the bowl or container
  • Massage your scalp
  • press your dreads to obtain water out and soak them again
  • Keep your dreads soaked for about 30 minutes together with pressing and massaging
  • Rinse your dreadlocks effectively after thatYou will observe how dirty the water will certainly look even if you just washed your dreads. You will certainly also observe how fresh as well as cleaner are your dreadlocks.



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