How To Start Dreadlocks On Short Natural Hair?

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How To Start Dreadlocks On Short Natural Hair?

How To Start Dreadlocks On Short Natural Hair?

How to shart dreadlocks on short natural hair is a hot topic that people are recently discussing about. Starting dreads with short hair is not an impossible task. Today, I will write deeply about it in the following angels.

1 Need to prepare something

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You’ll only need a few items. The first would be a spray bottle filled with water, a tapered comb, gel oil or your cream of choice, clips and hairbands.

2 Make sure clean hair

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First and foremost, you want to make sure that you’re working on clean hair that has been cleaned. Even if your hair is clean, you want to wash it to make sure it’s in its most natural state, and you want to keep it damp throughout the whole process hence the spray bottle. So if any time the hair is getting dry, spray it whichever one you choose. Go ahead with that.

3 Choose the appropriate ways to part lock

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You can part lock many ways, such as brick parts, triangle parts, star parts, free parts, uniformed parts, C parts, diamond parts, and rectangular parts. Whichever one you choose, go ahead with that.

4 Start with the back of the hair

dread extensions
dread extensions

Here is a way for your reference. You start with the back of the hair applying the product to the roots and the parting. It’s just something that you do that makes it smoother for you.

You get your comb to grab that hair twist to the right. Meanwhile, you should pay attention to pick up just a tiny bit of hair at the bottom of the parting. You can feel you grab it. It’s literally like half a centimeter where the finger of the photo was. Then you grab it, and you keep twisting to the right. The reason why the hair needs to be damp as well is so there’s no friction.

you can keep twisting, and you’re also pulling the comb downwards throughout the hair, pull it downwards and twist. If at any time you think it’s going to hurt or there is friction, just hold the dreadlock while you’re pulling it down.

Now you’ve known that bit close up. You can get right to it, so part your hair as you would like. Then you apply a decent amount of product, not too much, scoop the hair within that comb, and twist and pull downwards. Usually, it is quite carefree, and it just comes out like the locks you have seen before in some of the other locks. There’s a little bit of a struggle. At that time, if you didn’t have a spray bottle with you, it was a little bit difficult, but this is what you should end up with, and it should spring back up.

So place the hair at the top of the comb, the tippy top twist round make sure you grab that little piece of hair if you don’t. It’s not the end of the world. It still comes out the same brush as something you do. You are twisting and pulling the comb down as you’re going.

If at any point in time you feel a bit of tension, you can pinch the hair. It also stops putting the roots of your hair makes it more comfortable for them. Pulling down and twisting to the bottom, and you’ll see it spring back up, and that’s what you want to see. you don’t want too much product that it’s stiff.

5 Follow the steps above for the remaining hair

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Now you are going to continue with the rest on the head, and it’s just the same you repeat itself. You were doing your parting and taking your product. You can apply it to your finger and apply it throughout the entire hair or just the roots. Or you can also apply it to the comb and twist pull down.

Depending on the texture of hair, you may not have the friction this person has quite coarse hair. However someone with very silky hair, it will be a breeze.

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