7 things you’re ruining your dreads

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Hair and skin like uniformity! It’s one of the principles when it comes to having a healthy scalp as well as glossy dreads. Therefore, creating a routine to care for your priceless locs will conserve you a great deal of problem.

That’s why we put together an extensive checklist of 12 ideas that will help you find out how to maintain dreads healthy and balanced as well as growing with minimal initiative



satin pillowcase

Sleep on a satin pillowcase

We’re not also meant to tell you this, that’s just how much of a secret it is. However we just desire what’s ideal for you, so here it is! Satin pillowcases, in contrast to typical, cotton ones are far softer on your hair. This suggests they will certainly protect against breakage due to the fact that the smooth surface area of the silk will not produce as much friction with your dreads as cotton does.

Aside from that, silk does not develop dust that could get entraped in your dreads as well as cause unpleasant accumulation. Do you want another factor? Silk pillow cases are additionally outstanding for the skin.


Don’t trim the loose hair on your locs

As your locs grow as well as create, you will certainly start to discover a loose hairs appearing on your locs. Some people believe they are a little bit unaesthetic. If you are just one of those people, please do not reduce or cut the loosened hairs. Rather than resolving a problem, you will develop a new one since the trimming will cause your dreads to turn slim. It may also lead to breakage if you do it often.


Dying dreadlocks

Stay clear of dying your dreadlocks

Colouring your hair is a harmful procedure that basically involves saturating your hair in extreme chemicals to obtain the preferred color. Those chemicals will certainly deteriorate your strands and also make them a lot extra prone to breakage.

And also no colouring procedure is much more damaging than whitening your hair.

How to maintain dreads healthy– Don’t wear tight dreads hairstyles
This consists of ponytails, buns, cornrows and also updos. As awesome as they look, these limited hairstyles if worn for very long time periods can slim your hair at the origins. If that occurs, your dreads might really separate from the scalp. Ouch!

Hydrate your locs when needed

Moisturizing your dreads when they really feel completely dry needs to be one of the primary action in your routine on exactly how to keep dreads healthy and balanced and also expanding.

Dry your dreadlocks very well after cleaning

You have to dry your dreads as best as feasible after each wash. Otherwise effectively dried out, locs can develop mold in the facility. Even if you can’t see it, think us, you will scent it.

Whenever you clean your dreads, use a blow drier set on reduced warm to dry them. Or you can simply allow them to dry out off normally.

Stay clear of tying them up, number them or cover them throughout the drying process!


do not wax your locs

Do not use wax or butters on your dread

The biggest adversary to dreads besides negative health is wax or butters. Wax and hair care items that have a butter base such as shea butter are hard to clear out of your dreads. For that reason, they will certainly draw in dust, dust, as well as dirt, triggering accumulation. In time, it can turn white and also begin to scent.

deep clean dreadlocks

Deep cleanse your locs 3 times a year

Even if you have a reputable health routine, you will still need to deep cleanse your dreads two or three times annually, depending upon your way of living and also your individual needs.




Use a microfiber towel over cotton towel to dry your hair

It matters not how light and also cosy they are, we do not recommend using cotton towels. Purchase a microfiber towel. The reason is that cotton towels create rubbing and also bring about hairs detangling from your locs.



Dreadlock maintenance

Do regular dreadlock maintenance

When it involves upkeep on your dreads, you have to locate the right balance. If you do it too often, you run the risk of harming your origins.

On the other hand, not carrying out sufficient upkeep brings about loosened hairs that might compromise your dreads and also create them to damage.

Retwist your dreads every 4-6 weeks.
Crochet upkeep and interlacing demand to be done every 2-3 months.





Hold your horses

Your dreads won’t expand over night! This is the most effective pointer we can offer you. There is a factor they call it a ‘loc journey.’ However, we guarantee it’s a gorgeous one!



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