5 best ways to make natural locs in 2021

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Dreadlocks are not an immediate point, they are and also a continuous procedure, a trip. Dreadlocks are not a hairstyle, it’s even more of a way of living. So before you determine to start a dreadlocks trip, you much better recognize numerous things, as to how to start dreadlocks, how to be prepared, dreadlocks upkeep, things to avoid.

obtaining as much details as possible from numerous sources is the very best way to have a terrific healthy dreadlocks experience. So take your time as well as take infant steps, several firms and also individuals will chat you into getting their items, so beware who you count on.

These are one of the most secondhand methods to do dreadlocks:.

1- Neglect method:

Neglect dreadlocks

First thing you must know is that this is the very best method to have healthy and balanced dreadlocks, however choosing the approach is an individual choice. Every person is free in his hair, choosing a much less all-natural dreadlocks approach will not make you any kind of less than the 100% natural method dreadheads.
Second point: lots of people when they hear NEGLECT METHOD they believe that you disregard your hair, in the way that you uncommitted concerning it or do not wash it. INCORRECT. THE NEGLECT METHOD MEANS: not using any kind of all-natural or chemical method to develop the dreads as well as allow the hair lock on itself with The minimum of help.

View overlook dreadlocks video clip right here:


2- Back combing approach:

backcombing dreadlocks
Backcombing technique for dreadlocks is also a natural method of dreading IF you do not utilize any kind of dread wax or item with it.
Backcombing works flawlessly on all kind of hair, NO EXCEPTIONS also on very straight and smooth hair. It’s the method that informs that every human can have great dreadlocks.

Enjoy back combed dreadlocks video clip right here:


3- Twist and rip method:


The twist and hole method to make dreadlocks is among one of the most used approaches, because it deals with practically all type of hair and also it’s additionally a mostly all all-natural dreading method IF you do not utilize any kind of dread wax with it.
But you have to understand that once it’s done as well as the dreads have actually locked, it’s difficult to unlock them. So if you select this technique, you have to know that if you altered your mind regarding having dreadlocks you will certainly go throu a tough undreading procedure.

Enjoy twist and also split dreads video clip here:


4- Wool rubbing technique:

 wool dreadlocks
dreadlocks wool approach is a lot comparable to the forget method, or you can claim it’s a neglect technique with simply a little aid. If you are mosting likely to do this method you should be really patient, and I mean VERY client. due to the fact that it is among the most “irritating” approaches, and it takes a great deal of time prior to you start to see actual dreadlocks in your hair. You you have to cope with a crazy untidy hair for a minimum of a year, plus there is physical work you have to do almost day-to-day.
For all those reasons, many individuals select various other dreading approaches, however it’s still among the very best and healthiest ones.

Enjoy wool rubbing dreadlocks video clip below:.


5- Dread perming approach:

Dreadlock perm
Dread perming would be the most convenient way to have instantaneous dreadlocks. Even if I am directly 100% versus this approach for dreadlocks, but I have to talk about it. After all, everyone is totally free to pick the fearing approach that they want.
the dreadlocks perming approach is mostly done in beauty parlor, and it costs around $300 – $400. your hair will be subjected to chemical item that makes is frizzy, after that bounded once again and also pulled back with various other chemical procedure to develop the dreadlocks.
you will for sure have good lovely extremely well shaped dreadlocks immediately.
Although it is better when it’s done by professionals, dread perming can likewise be done at home.




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