How many ways to get yourself natural dreadlocks?

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There are several techniques that can be used to start dreadlocks and get natural dreadlocks. We will try to provide you as much information as possible concerning using each approach to start dreadlocks in addition to the advantages as well as disadvantages of everyone so you can decide which approach is right for you.

1.Get Natural Dreadlocks-Backcombing dreadlocks.

backcombing dreadlocks

The advantage of Backcombing dreadlocks.

Hair looks like reaches and also dreads the very same day maturation quicker than various other techniques. You can control the dimension and form of the fears, anywhere from smooth and also thick to thin and also hot.

The disadvantage of Backcombing dreadlocks.

The initial fearing takes a few hours as well as is quite a labor extensive, nothing a friend or more can’t manage. The best method to backcomb is to take your time as well as make the fears as smooth and limited as possible.

Instructions of getting dreadlocks by backcombing:

Initial section the hair into squares. Square areas make round dreads. In between 1″ and also 2″ squares works well for most individuals. Smaller sections make thinner dreads. The areas can be safeguarded momentarily with rubber bands.

After the hair is sectioned utilize a fear comb to brush the hair in reverse. Start near the scalp, not greater than an inch away. Brush continuously in the direction of the scalp. Ultimately hair will start to evacuate at the roots. It is not necessary to turn the hair.

It is practical nonetheless to roll the hair you are holding between your fingers a bit you are backcombing. Continue backcombing, gradually working towards completion of the hair, making the fear as tight as possible as you go. When you reach completions you can safeguard the dread with a rubber band. An additional rubberband on the roots will certainly help the fear remain tight at its base.

The rubber bands can be removed after the dread has a chance to grow. After the rubber bands are related to each dread the fears need to be waxed with a dread wax that does not consist of oil. A good dread wax will certainly tame loosened hairs as well as help the hair dread much faster.

Dreads developed by backcombing look very much like dreads right after you do them, nevertheless, they will tighten and also smooth out a lot as they mature. Using an excellent soap as well as the wax is crucial to the development of the fears.

Well preserved dreads can get to maturation in as low as 3 to 4 months! The hair continues to fear as it grows in some cases by itself yet, for the most part, it will certainly require a little aid. You can wear a rubber band on the origin of stubborn dreads to help them lock up. Rubbing the origin of the dread clockwise versus the scalp likewise aids.

Tips for backcombing dreadlocks:

Starting with clean, residue-free hair makes the procedure go much quicker. Any residue in the hair tends to aid the hair unclothe knots as you backcomb. Likewise, make sure that the hair is entirely dry when you backcomb it.

If you do not have any kind of pals that really feel comfortable doing this for you most beauty salons contend the very least one adventurous stylist that will certainly be willing to aid you for concerning $20-$ 30 per hr, which isn’t that bad considering you won’t ever before need to spend for one more hair cut!

It is a very good concept to bring with you the products you wish to utilize and the guidelines for backcombing. Lots of unfavorable white youngsters have had dreads began with the twist method and also were more than a little dissatisfied. We have numerous natural fear items that we recommend for starting dreads detailed in our Products and Accessories area.

2.Wool Sweater or Wool Hat scrubbing dreadlocks


The primary advantage of the massaging approach is that if you happen to have something woolen you can begin right now. It is a natural approach. You can do it on your own.

The disadvantage:

It injures like heck and the dreads that it makes differ greatly in dimension as well as do not look great. Hair will typically need to be reduced after trying this method so you will certainly need to grow out your hair again prior to trying an additional technique.


Take a wool sweater or hat and rub it in circles on your head. After about 15 min, if your hair is long enough, knots will begin to develop. As the hair knots together you rip it apart and also try to divide it right into dreads. Whole lots of loose hair is typical with this approach as well as the neglect method, just try to stick them right into the nearby dread.

3. Neglect dreadlocks

neglect dreadlocks style


You can do it without assistance. It is the easiest method. No special devices or items are required, simply time.


It takes at the very least 3 years to start looking like dreads in a lot of hair kinds. The dreads develop unevenly, some dreads will be level and big, others skinny.

Instructions for doing neglect dreadlocks:

The neglect dreadlocks method is pretty much just that. You do nothing but keep the hair clean.

(Some individuals don’t even do that but not cleaning your hair is unsanitary and also it reduces down the dreading procedure) Just let it grow and also in a year or so it might begin to knot up or it might take 3 years Hair appearance and also hair length has a whole lot to do with just how long it takes.

You can rip it into dreads as well as attempt to integrate dreads that are too little with rubber bands if you like, yet in the spirit of real forget a lot of individuals do not. When I meet somebody that has dreads obviously developed by overlook I constantly complement their fears anyhow and I don’t usually supply recommendations, because they do not really desire it.

3. Dreadlocks perming.


It’s like immediate dreads.


It is a chemical procedure. Fears developed by perming frequently require expert maintenance. Price, $200-$ 400!


Save your cash. Find a salon that does dreadlocks perms.

4. Dreadlock Twisting.

how to twist dreadlocks

Advantage of twisting dreadlocks:

It is natural. You have control over the size of the fears and how they develop. Many hair salons are familiar with this method and the price is normally a lot lower than a fear perm.

The disadvantage of twisting dreadlocks:

It just works in African textured hair however that does not imply beauty parlors won’t try it on Caucasian hair!

How to twist dreadlocks?

Hair must be sectioned right into squares. Square areas make round dreads. In between 1″ and also 2″ squares function well for lots of people. Smaller sized sections make thinner fears. As you are the hair you can safeguard each area with a rubber band.

When the whole head is sectioned spin each area clockwise making use of a comb to grab the hair at the ends as well as twist. As each area is turned dread wax should be operated in to hold the twists. Thick waxes without oil hold the hair much better when beginning the fears.

After the fears grow thinner waxes can be utilized to include fragrance and also sheen. Rubberbands can also be utilized at the roots and pointers to hold the hair for the first number of weeks. Make certain not to attach the rubber bands also securely, snug, and goodwill get the job done just as well and must not damage any kind of hair. Hair must be twisted by hand regularly to aid it to lock up.

Dreads can additionally be begun in short black hair without sectioning by hand. Working and twisting in a little bit of thick fear wax will certainly assist them to hold with each other and grow much faster. The good thing regarding these areas is that they are chosen normally by the hair as well as for this factor they dread nicely by themselves as they proceed to grow.

After the rubber bands are used to each fear the fears ought to be waxed with a dread wax that does not have petroleum. A good fear wax will tame loose hairs and assist the hair fear much quicker.

Fears developed by backcombing look really a lot like dreads right after you do them, however, they will tighten up as well as smooth out a great bargain as they develop. We have numerous all-natural dread items that we advise for beginning dreads detailed in our Products and Accessories section.

You can rip it right into fears as well as attempt to combine dreads that are too small with rubber bands if you like, but in the spirit of real forget many individuals do not.

If you want to get natural dreadlocks extensions, hohodreads provides wholesale price and full sizes, various colors. Welcome to be our partner.



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