Everything about dreadlocks and dreadlock extensions

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Everything about dreadlocks and dreadlock extensions

Table of Contents

The history of dreadlocks.

Among all the topics as to the history of dreadlocks, the origin of dreads has caused a lot of discussions. And people have different opinions about it, some people say Ancient Egypt is the origin, others say Ancient Europe, Rastafari and India are also options. But the same point is that they all date back to ancient times and there are always having arguing about where is dreadlocks’ origin.

Dreadlocks do have a very long history, so we can say that Dreadlocks are not some kinds of a new hairstyle, or a new fashion, there is the history behind them. We are not going to talk about where is the origin of dreadlocks because it will cause a lot of conflicts. I think we just need to know when, where, and what dreadlocks history is and what spirits that dreadlocks represent, and how dreadlocks make our world better.

The depiction of dreadlocks in ancient times.

1. Ancient Egypt. Dreadlocks’ history can date back to the ancient civilization center—Ancient Egypt. Dreadlocks mean power in ancient Egypt, some people believe that the longer dreadlocks they have, the bigger power they get.

dreadlocks in Ancient Egypt

dreadlocks in Ancient Egypt

2. Ancient Europe. Ancient Europe also had sign of dreadlocks. Dreadlocks are described as “long rope like wooly hair” from crown way down to their feet which gives the people power.

Dreadlocks in Ancient Europe

Dreadlocks in Ancient Europe

3.India. The great deity Shiva is often depicted with dreadlocks.


4.Bible. There are a lot of stories where it is believed that people or characters in these stories had dreadlocks.


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The spirit / culture of Dreadlocks

As we can see, different places represent different dreadlocks’ cultures. And the spiritual comes from the historical story of every single place. There is no better or worse culture, all of them are the reasons why we love dreadlocks.

The spritual of dreadlocks.

1. A sign of protection. Some culture believes that dreadlocks protect our crown chakra or our Chi which is believed that it’s the place in our body where we harnessed our energy, so that our energy inside can be held and kept.

2.Healing power. In India, a lot of sadhus, are having dreadlocks and they believe the longer their dreadlocks are, the more healing power they get.


3.Peace & Love. The great Rastafarian Bob Marley spread love and magic through his music and reputation, and he made it acceptable for people to have any kind of freeform dreadlocks in the world. With its special & iconic dreadlocks hairstyle, he dedicated his life to the Rastafarian movement, showing the world Rasta stands for peace and love, and telling the world that you can recognize them by the symbol of freeform locs.


4.Showing the pride of our own culture. Maasai are very well known for their long thin red clay dreadlocks, which represents they are Maasai warriors. All of them are wearing dreadlocks which shows their pride in their culture, proud of being one of the Maasai warriors.

maasai dreadlocks

So above all, we can see that deadlocks are the symbol of positivity, love and peace. No matter who you are, you can rock them with pride and love! No matter what ways you choose to get dreadlocks, please understand that there is a deep-rooted history when you rock these locs.  And they represent culture, protection, power, peace and love.