What are dread wicks and how to have wicks hairstyle?

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What are dread wicks and how to have wicks hairstyle?

wicks hairstylesWicks is very popular in the Dreadlocks or Dreadlock extensions field recently. You may have seen many people have this hairstyle, but actually there a few people knowing how to call it and how to have it. Today Panda will tell you what are dread wicks? And how to have wicks hairstyle? (All the information comes from the Internet.

What are dread wicks?

Dread wicks is kind of special dreadlock hairstyles that locs are typically combined to make them thicker, fewer in numbers than traditional locs styles.

What is the origin of wicks?

The origin of dread wicks are commonly believed in Florida. This hairstyle is prevalent amongst African-Americans most of whom are Afro-Caribbean (especially Afro-Haitian) in descent and are involved in the Hip-Hop community as well as related subgenres in Florida.

Here’s the video of John wicks who talks about wicks.

How to have a wicks hairstyles?

Here’s four ways to have wicks styles which is belong to loc extensions hairstyles.  Combine method, freeform method, crochet method and extensions way.

#1. How to get wicks by combine method?

The “combine method” is the process of tying existing dreadlocs with rubber bands together allowing the locs to fuse together giving them the infamous upright habit.

Here’s the video of how to make wicks hairstyle by combine method.

#2. How to get wicks by freeform method?

The “freeform method” is the process of allowing locs to naturally form via the rinse and go method and allowing the locs to naturally lock on to each other.

Here’s the video on one part of freeform wicks hairstyles.

#3. How to get wicks by crochet method?

The “crochet method” is the process of using crochet hook to combine the locs together. This method is believed to be the most common method of wicks. If your natural hair is not long enough, adding extensions like afro kinky bulk human hair is a very good choice.

Here’s the video of how to make wicks styles by crochet method.

#4. Why to say wicks extensions way is another good way and how to get wicks extensions?

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What are the advantages of wicks extensions?

1.Save time. Methods like the above are very time-costing, especially freeform and crochet methods. And also you may need the help of others. If you have wicks extensions, you can directly save the time of crocheting them together, and you don’t even need other people’s help, you can install them yourself.

2.Transition. If you just started your loc journey and you want a long wicks hairstyle right away, having a wicks hairstyle can allow you to have it right away, and you can uninstall them if you own-grow locs are longer.

3.Long wicks hairstyle. If you want a longer wicks hairstyle, you can Install Wicks extensions to your current wicks to get longer wicks hairstyle as you need.

4.More amazing wicks hairstyle. More wicks locks can support you to make more amazing wicks hairstyle, such as different colors.


Here’s the video of how the wicks extensions look like.


what other dreadlock hairstyles are there on the market besides wicks styles?

Here’s a post on “ Dreadlocks Hairstyles For Both Men And Women“, hope that it can inspire you.


1. Are dread wicks suitable for all hair types?

Yes, dread wicks can be created on all hair types, from straight to curly. However, the texture and thickness of your hair may affect the appearance and longevity of the wicks.

2. How long does it take to create dread wicks?

The time it takes to create dread wicks depends on various factors, including the length and thickness of your hair and your chosen method of creation. On average, it can take several hours to create a full head of dread wicks.

3. Can dread wicks be removed?

Yes, dread wicks can be removed, but the process can be time-consuming and may require the assistance of a professional stylist. It’s essential to consider the commitment involved before deciding to create dread wicks.

4. How can I maintain the health of my scalp while wearing dread wicks?

Regular scalp maintenance is crucial when wearing dread wicks. You can maintain a healthy scalp by washing with a gentle, residue-free shampoo and moisturizing with natural oils such as jojoba or tea tree oil.

5. Are dread wicks suitable for formal occasions?

Yes, dread wicks can be styled for formal occasions by adding accessories or incorporating intricate braiding techniques. With the right styling, dread wicks can be versatile enough for any event or occasion.

How to get wicks extensions?

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