Understanding Two Strand Twists and Coils for Starting Locs

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Understanding Two Strand Twists and Coils for Starting Locs

Introduction of Two Strand Twists and Coils for Starting Locs

Are you confused about whether to choose two strand twists or coils as the method for starting your locs? As someone who discusses this topic frequently, I’m here to provide clarity. Many people approach me seeking guidance on this matter, and today we’re going to delve into both the two strand twist method and the coil method. By the end of this blog post, you’ll have a solid understanding of the differences and considerations between these two popular techniques for beginning your loc journey.

Two Strand Twist Method For starter locs

1.Suitability Based on Hair Length

The two strand twist method is particularly popular among individuals with hair longer than four to five inches. With just four inches of hair, you can create twists effectively. However, shorter hair might be prone to unraveling, as it may not hold the style securely. For those seeking to showcase their length more prominently, shrink twists could be a preferred choice.


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2.Texture and Styling

Two strand twists offer versatility and texture. They work well for loose hair and damaged hair alike. Clients with concerns about frizz tend to lean towards this method, as frizz on twists is often more manageable compared to frizz on coils. The textured appearance and curly loc look are appealing to those embracing their natural hair journey.

3.Managing Expectations

Unraveling is a common issue with two strand twists, especially in the temple and nape areas. However, with consistent maintenance and understanding, you can minimize unraveling and ensure your locks progress effectively. It’s important to work with a knowledgeable loctician who can guide you through this phase and help your hair mature into sturdy, well-formed locs.

4.Achieving Thicker Locks

For individuals desiring thicker-looking locs from the start, the two strand twist method is ideal. Using lightweight products and a twisting cream can help expand your twists, providing a visual representation of your future loc thickness.

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Two Strand Coil Method For Starter Locs

1.Even Distribution and Faster Locking

Coils excel at evenly distributing hair and fostering quicker locking. The comb’s teeth guide the hair’s natural curl pattern, creating a cylinder that allows hair to tangle within. This process promotes the budding of locks, and you can feel the growth and texture evolving within the coil.


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2.Suitable Hair Types

Coils work best for hair that naturally coils on its own, particularly healthy hair. They may not be suitable for straight or damaged hair, as the coiling process requires existing curl patterns for success.

3.Shrinkage and Recognition

Coils tend to shrink considerably when wet, allowing your hair to bud effectively. Additionally, coils are often recognized as locks right from the beginning, making them an excellent choice if you want your locs to appear unmistakably locked from the start.

Making Your Decision

Prior Experience and Comfort

If you’re still undecided, consider trying both methods before your starter lock appointment. Apply coils to your hair and observe the frizz pattern, then do the same with two strand twists. This hands-on experience will help you manage expectations and make an informed choice that aligns with your preferences.


The choice between two strand twists and coils for starting your locs ultimately boils down to your hair type, desired aesthetics, and personal comfort. Both methods lead to beautiful, mature locs over time, so the decision rests on how you want to embark on your loc journey. By understanding the characteristics of each method, you’ll be better equipped to make a confident choice that aligns with your vision.

FAQs of Two Strand Twists and Coils for Starting Locs

  1. Can I combine two strand twists and coils in my loc journey?

    Absolutely! Many people choose to start with one method and transition to the other later in their journey for added variety.

  2. Is there a specific maintenance routine for each method?

    Maintenance routines can vary based on your hair’s needs and your loctician’s recommendations. Regular appointments for retwisting and maintenance are essential regardless of the method you choose.

  3. What products should I use for my locs?

    Choose lightweight, natural products that promote hair health and moisture retention. Consult with your loctician for personalized product recommendations.

  4. Can I start my locs without professional help?

    While some individuals choose the DIY route, seeking the guidance of a knowledgeable loctician can help ensure your locs develop properly and achieve the desired results.

  5. How long does it take for the two strand twist look to transition to mature locs?

    The transition from the two strand twist appearance to mature locs can vary based on your hair’s texture and growth rate. On average, expect to see changes within six to seven months.

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