Step-by-Step Tutorial for Effortlessly Bohemian Faux Locs

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Step-by-Step Tutorial for Effortlessly Bohemian Faux Locs

Step-by-Step Tutorial for Effortlessly Bohemian faux Locs

Welcome to our Step-by-Step Tutorial for Effortlessly Bohemian Faux Locs! In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of transforming crochet hair, human hair, and a few styling techniques into a stunning protective hairstyle. Follow along as Jazz Nicole demonstrates each step, ensuring that you’ll achieve lightweight, textured locs that exude an effortless charm. Let’s dive in!

Step 1: Gathering the Hair Materials:

To begin, Jazz Nicole recommends using crochet hair and human hair for the ends of the locs. She opts for Bobby Boss’ 12-inch kinky curly crochet hair to create a thick base with a wavy pattern. Additionally, she utilizes scrap human hair of a deep wave texture. For the wrapping of the locs, she suggests two packs of Nubian twist hair and two packs of water wave hair, the latter being from FreeTress, available on Amazon. The Nubian twist hair, when fluffed out, imitates the look of Marley hair but with a silkier texture.

Step 2: Hair Preparation:

Jazz Nicole emphasizes the importance of protecting your real hair underneath the faux locs. To ensure your hair remains healthy and undamaged, she recommends thoroughly oiling the roots with Alakay Naturals Essential 17 Hair Growth Oil and moisturizing the ends with Alakay Natural Hair Yoghurt Moisturizer. Apply these products in sections, ensuring your hair is well moisturized before proceeding.

Step 3: Creating the Base of the Locs:

Using three pieces of kinky curly hair, Jazz Nicole cuts them in half to achieve the desired length. She begins by sectioning her hair, not overly concerned about perfect parts to maintain a natural look. Taking one section at a time, she braids the kinky curly crochet hair together with her real hair, using her real hair as the third part of the braid. Once her real hair is securely braided in, she proceeds to twist the remaining hair. As she nears the end of the twist, she adds the previously prepared bulk human hair to enhance the thickness and length of the loc.

Step 4: Wrapping the Locs:

Jazz Nicole demonstrates the wrapping process using one piece of fluffed-out Nubian twist hair and half a piece of water wave hair. Starting from the back, she uses a crochet hook to pull the wrapping hair under the base of the braid. With a tight wrap at the root, she continues wrapping more loosely down the braid. Focusing on the Nubian twist hair, she allows the water wave hair to slightly protrude, adding texture to the locs. To secure the loc, she repeatedly wraps the hair up and down, brushing out any loose ends of the Nubian twist and water wave hair. A final palm roll ensures that everything stays in place. Repeat this process for all the braids.

Step 5: Completing the Hairstyle:

After about three hours, Jazz Nicole finishes all the locs except for the top section. She demonstrates the wrapping process again on this remaining section. In total, the wrapping process took her approximately four hours, resulting in a stunning hairstyle that can be completed in about nine hours. However, she notes that the timing can be shorter if not filming or when working on someone else.

Step 6: Final Touches and Styling:

Jazz Nicole is delighted with the end result of her lightweight, bohemian faux locs. She appreciates the crinkles and texture throughout and the perfectly styled ends. For any unruly ends, she suggests managing them with water, mousse, or foam. She encourages viewers to try the tutorial and share their experience in the comments section. Jazz Nicole kindly reminds viewers to check the description box for any additional information or helpful resources related to the tutorial.

Final Thoughts

Creating these effortlessly bohemian faux locs not only offers a stylish and versatile hairstyle but also provides a protective shield for your natural hair. Remember to take your time, follow each step diligently, and adapt the techniques to suit your personal style.

So, gather your materials, prepare your hair, and embark on this creative journey to achieve stunning faux locs. Jazz Nicole’s expertise and guidance in this tutorial will ensure that you create a captivating look that turns heads wherever you go.

Feel free to explore different variations, experiment with colors, or add your personal flair to make these faux locs truly unique. With practice, you’ll gain confidence and expertise in creating beautiful hairstyles that showcase your individuality.

Now, it’s time to unleash your creativity and enjoy the process of transforming your hair into fabulous, bohemian faux locs!

Happy hairstyling!

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