Service for Salon Stylist

Salon stylist is the most common business in dreadlock market field. Because of the demand for loc extensions keep increasing, almost every salons have the service of loc extensions. Your salon can attract more customers by this service. What? You do not have this service? Pls check this article to see “Why you need to add loc extension service in your salon”.

HOHODREADS factory has over 15-year experiences in supplying over 2000 salon stylists around the world. Here are the problems you may be facing, and you can see the solution we can provide with.


1. Customers wait too long for one loc extensions appointment.

According to our salon clients, the average waiting time for one customer is over 30days. It’s because that salon stylist may need time to prepare the loc extension. If you get someone make extensions for you, you can focus on attaching the loc extensions for your clients.



We have more than 100+ experienced workers....Know more
We have more than 100+ experienced workers who can produce as many products as you requested on time.

2. Lack of hands


you may need to spend many times to finish the extensions for your clients....Know more
No matter you are a salon stylist, loctician, or mobile stylist, you may need to spend many times to finish the extensions for your clients. But here’s the problem, you don’t have so much time for these. So image if there is someone who can help you with this, you will have more to do the advertisement, to work on your social media.

3. Expensive cost

According to our salon clients, before they work with us, they usually get loc extensions or bulk hair from the local loc extensions wholesaler or buy on Amazon. But after they find our price, they are surprised that we have much better price and quality.


We can provide a factory-direct price for your bulk order.....Know more
We can provide a factory-direct price for your bulk order. Do not have a middle man to raise the price. You can extremely save the cost for purchasing the loc extension


You may usually get the bad quality or even not human hair products on the Internet or from other supplier. And they refuse to deal with it. This will extremely do harm to your business, reputations, losing customers.


3 promises we can give to you....Know more
1.We promise we use 100% human hair material to produce your orders. And we offer 3 times of quality check for your orders..... 2.If there is any questions of the orders, we are open to solve the problems for you. If it’s our issue we will resend another one to you for free! 3.Your questions and orders are well taken care of by our specialized one to one customer service. They will try their best to provide the best service to you

5. Make more profits.

Only making profits by loc extensions service is not enough, if you want to make more profits, you need to start selling loc extensions around the world, even become a distributor in your place.


We can help to set a development plan that fits you.....Know more
We can help to set a development plan that fits you. Our mission is help you start your brand.


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