How to do butterfly locs?

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How to do butterfly locs?

How to do butterfly locs?

How to do butterfly locs is a hot topic that people are recently discussing about. Today, I will write deeply about how to do beautiful butterfly locs in the following angels.

1 Partition and braid your hair.

butterfly loc crochet hair

Everyone’s parting technique is different—for example, uniformed parts, C parts, diamond parts, rectangular parts, brick parts, triangle parts, star parts, or just free parting. Whichever one you choose, go ahead with that. Besides, there are two different techniques to braid your hair.

The first one is a regular plait just braiding hair from top to bottom.

The second one is a twist which is a great alternative to just doing a braid down. It is so frustrating when you take down a head full of braids. Especially when you have 4c hair texture, but you aren’t supposed to do a full twist on your hair. Because it is just for fear that the crochet is a little too loose at the root. Thus, you always want to make sure you start that with the braid.

Notice: braid only matters if it’s super tight at the root, so that’s why you should start with the braid.

2 Untie the prepared dreadlocks into loose hair.

Next, the way you do that is by running your fingers down the entire lock that will fluff it and then it’ll make it easier for you to pull them apart. You are going to split each of those locks into two. You just want to pull them apart carefully.

If you pull too hard and too fast, you should ensure that you’re not creating any knots or tangling. So you are going to take your time and pull those apart slowly. It would be best if you ended up with several pieces of dreadlocks extensions hair.

3 Tie dreadlocks into your hair.

butterfly locs hair packs

You’re going to start by finding the loop at the top of the locs and using a crochet needle to crochet that lock just mentioned into your natural hair. So after you push your needle through, put that loop through the hook and close it. Then it would help if you pulled that through.

Next, you are going to take the end of that loc extension  and do the same thing which is crochet that through the top of the loop and pulls it all the way through, and that will make sure that your lock is secure. You can save a bunch of time by not crocheting your braid through the middle of the lock, but I realized it takes too much time, and it’s not necessary if you’re doing a distressed or a butterfly lock.

4 Hook the human hair into the root of the plait.

butterfly loc crochet hair

After completing the above steps, you will take two pieces of the locs human hair, untied the dreadlocks in advance and started by fluffing them out. So you are supposed to take two of those pieces and crochet them through the top.

What you need to pay attention to here is that one side will be significantly longer than the other. You’re going to take that shorter side and combine it with the lock and the braid. The longer side is going to be the piece that you use to wrap around. You should begin wrapping at the root if you want this to be fairly tight, which is going to help keep that hair secure at the root. The rest of the wrapping for these locks doesn’t need to be done extremely tight, but you want to make sure that this hair is secure at that root.

So you’re going to go around three to four times and make this nice and tight. Once you have that piece on there nice and secure, you can begin to wrap it down.

5 Knit a small knot.
How to do butterfly locs?

Then there is a mothed called the thumb method, where you’re going to take your thumb and weave out a little piece of the hair to create a loop. You are going to wrap it over the top while you are holding that hair in your thumb. You want to do this about two times over the top because it’s really easy to lose that loop when you’re wrapping. So you’re going to stick your thumb in the middle. The summary is that you will wrap two times over the top to make sure that my loop is secure and that it’s going to stay. then you can move your thumb and continue wrapping underneath that loop.

6 Repeat the above operation.

butterfly loc crochet hair

Next, you’re just going to continue doing this down. How many loops you want to add in there is totally up to you. If you want a super messy look, then you would make the loops more often. If not, then you can do them more spread out spread apart.

But you’re just going to continue to do this until you’re almost out of this locs hair. This wrapping doesn’t need to be super tight and overlapped or anything because you are doing a messy distressed look and still have that human hair loc underneath. So you’re just going to continue wrapping and continue doing that thumb method until you’re almost out of hair.

7 Finish the butterfly locs.
crochet butterfly locs

When you get down to your last three to four inches of locs human hair, that’s when you know it’s time to add in your second piece.

So to do that, you’re going to grab your second piece, and again. one side is going to be longer than the other. The short side you are going to add to your human hair loc and your braid again. Then the longer side, you’re going to either clip up or wrap it around the top of your client’s ponytail or whatever so that way.

You’re then going to take that hair that you were initially wrapping around, and you will start to wrap it around again about three to four times. That’s going to help to secure that new piece of hair. Once you do that, you’re going to tie it in a knot, so to do that, you’re going to wrap it around and tie it around itself and pull it.

Then begin to wrap that piece up where it will meet that new piece of long locs human hair that you added in. once it meets where that long piece starts, you will grab that long piece and begin to wrap that down together. It will be nice and secure.

Once you’ve added that piece in, you can continue to do your thumb method and move down until you get to the end of your locks.

Once you get to the end of your locs, you’re going to go ahead and tie another knot with the human hair to his hair and begin to wrap upward. Once you run out of hair, you’re just going to do a nice palm roll, and your butterfly locs is done.

Here’s the video of how to do butterfly locs?

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