Hair Transformation Journey: From Braid Locks to Lock Extensions

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Hair Transformation Journey: From Braid Locks to Lock Extensions

In this article, we will embark on Coco’s hair transformation journey as she shares her experiences transitioning from braid locks to lock extensions. Coco will take us through the decision-making process, the challenges she encountered, and the final outcome of her hair transformation. Join Coco as she delves into the world of braid locks and lock extensions, sharing her personal insights and reflections.

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The Beginning: Braid Locks

Coco initially started her hair journey by braiding her own hair into DIY braid locks. She opted for small to medium-sized locks, totaling around 90. Despite losing a few locks over time, she managed to maintain approximately 80 locks before contemplating a change.

Why would she wants to change style?

To Seek Thicker Locks and a New Look

Coco’s desire for thicker locks and a different braid pattern motivated her to transition from braid locks to lock extensions. While she appreciated the appeal of her existing braid pattern, she sought a seamless look that wouldn’t reveal her natural hair as it grew out. Additionally, with medium-density hair, Coco aimed to explore the potential for achieving a fuller, thicker lock appearance.

Choosing Lock Extensions and the Installation Process

After careful consideration, Coco decided to purchase lock extensions. She selected 10-inch loc extensions, aiming for a length that would provide the desired look without being excessively long. With 70 strands, Coco planned to install approximately 50-60 locks, allowing room for any potential errors or issues during the installation process.

Installing the lock extensions became a personal endeavor for Coco. She meticulously parted her hair and skillfully combined her natural hair with the extensions, using specialized tools designed for this purpose. Coco paid close attention to ensure a seamless blend between the extensions and her natural hair.

Discovering the Beauty in Individuality

Throughout her hair transformation journey, Coco realized the significance of embracing her unique hair type and characteristics. Comparing her locks to others’ served as a reminder that everyone possesses different hair types, textures, and densities. Coco learned to appreciate and find contentment in the outcome, even if it didn’t perfectly align with her initial expectations.

Results: Thicker Locks and a Natural Appearance

As time went by, Coco began to witness the changes in her locks. The once rigid locks started to fall, take shape, and naturally blend with her hair, resulting in a thicker and more voluminous look. Coco found joy in the versatility of the lock extensions, allowing her to experiment with various styles such as middle parts, side parts, and buns.

Throughout her hair journey, Coco encountered challenges such as dealing with shorter areas and accepting the frizziness of her natural hair compared to the extensions. However, with patience and determination, she managed to address these concerns and achieve a more uniform look.

Moving forward, Coco intends to document her hair transformation journey through pictures and updates. She believes that sharing her experiences with braid locks and lock extensions can inspire and assist others who may be contemplating a similar transition.


Coco’s transition from braid locks to lock extensions has been a transformative experience. She is thrilled with the thicker, fuller appearance she has achieved, as well as the natural look of her locks. Through self-acceptance and embracing the uniqueness of her hair, Coco has learned to appreciate the beauty of her individuality. She looks forward to further exploring and sharing her journey as she continues to style and care for her locks.

from braid locks to lock extensions

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